November 13, 2013

Georgia Gives Day 2013 {philanthropy}

Happy Georgia Gives Day! Georgia Gives Day is an initiative that has been co-created by the nonprofit sector itself. It doesn’t support one cause or one locale – it’s all of us in the state’s nonprofit sector pulling together to ask you to stop and consider your life and your community without nonprofits. 

You can check out all of the awesome non-profit organizations in Georgia here and see how you can donate and get involved.

I'm donating to Foreverfamily, an organization I've become really involved with and happy to support because of all of the great work Foreverfamily is doing in the Atlanta community. We work to support children with incarcerated parents to show them the love and support of a family to help break the cycle of incarceration. 

Any donation amount is helpful and appreciated :)

You can learn more about this 

organization and donate here.


  1. Had no idea this even existed! It's been so long since I did something for a cause. I think I've just been inspired to do so. What a beautiful post and bless your heart for donating to such a lovely cause :)

  2. What a discovery! Had no idea this was a thing until day! Can't wait to give something today!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I'm also getting involved with one dealing with children and incarcerated parents/guardians for the holidays and I'm really excited about it!

    ♥ Chymere A. -


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