November 25, 2013

I'm going to grad school!

It's been difficult to keep this big news from so many people, including my readers. 
But I can finally share that…I'm going to grad school!

If you've been reading my blog, you know that going to grad school was the next step in "my post grad plan." I really wanted to go to Georgia Tech (where I did my undergrad) for many reasons, but mainly because of the awesome Public Policy program and the work opportunities I'd have while doing the program.

I took the GRE once and applied to just one school. It was a big risk and a leap of faith, and I'm really happy and grateful that it all worked out. Getting into grad school was much less stressful for me than getting into college for my undergrad.

I told you about a tough decision I was making a few weeks ago. I had to choose between going to grad school and getting a variety of new work experiences while also working on some of my entrepreneurial projects or taking an awesome full time offer in the political field (and I love politics!). It was difficult, but I'm really happy and pleased with my decision and I appreciate everyone who has been there for me while I dealt with these post-grad issues!

I'll finish up my fellowship at the Capitol in mid-December and start grad school in mid-January. I can't wait to be a student again, learn more about communications and policy, have flexible hours, and really have time to work on some projects I have planned that I think you'll love.

This is definitely a dream come true and the next chapter in my life story.

Oh, and I'll truly be a Real College Student of Atlanta again ;)

Have you ever thought about grad school? If so, for what?


  1. Congratulations Vett, that is awesome news :)

  2. That's great news for you and such an inspiring leap of faith. It's great that you had faith, congratulations.

    Stay Stylish, TL. Xx
    Twynkle Loves

  3. Congratulations!!!! That is awesome news!
    I hope to go back to grad school in the fall! I only applied to two so I hope my leap of faith is as successful as yours! :)
    Britt @ One&20

  4. Congrats!! I'm just catching up on some of your posts (due to travel). Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!

  5. The is awesome news. Congrats and I definitely wish you nothing but the best.

  6. Congratulations!!!! I support 100% everyone who decides that, since I did it myself.
    I wish you all the best!!!!!!

    Thanks for droping by my blog :)


  7. Congrats! Getting a higher degree will set you apart and helps in the long run.

    I'm in medical school and most (all) days are rough, but hopefully our hard work will pay off in a few years :)


  8. Congrats! That is such amazing news!


  9. I think you made an excellent decision Vett. When I finished my Bachelors of Science, the following year I went to grad school. My masters is in Environmental Policy. Good luck to you doll.

  10. Congrats!!!! Very exciting time for you :)

    I went to grad school, for International Relations. Honestly, I kinda regret it. It didn't land me a job, any internships that panned out into something better or bigger, and the support system in my program was mediocre at best. But I did learn a few things about myself along the way, lol.

    Best of luck!


  11. Cute picture.

    Checkout the Thanksgiving $75 Giveaway on my blog. Great for Black Friday.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. Wow, congratulations on going to grad school. That is such a big decision and so exciting. I just found your blog and I did think about going back a few years ago and I didn't do it. Good for you!!


  13. Congrats! Going to grad school is so much work but when you finally graduate the sense of accomplishment is totally worth it! You go girlfriend, cant wait to read about your grad school life!

  14. Congratulations- that is great news! I've been thinking about going back to grad school but I'm still not ready yet!

  15. This is so wonderful Vett! Congratulations! I believe that you've been the best decision as well, I think it is so awesome that you are following your dreams and doing what's best for you :)

  16. Congrats dear!!! I'm new to your blog but I'm excited for you!!!

  17. Congrats! You have done really well if you applied to one school and got in AND had so many other options available to you.

  18. Congratulations!! Good luck in grad school!!

  19. congratz!!!!!!!!! :D


  20. Congrats! That's awesome!! I'm currently trying to get into a BSN program. Finger's crossed I hear some good news soon!!

  21. I'm so happy for you. I just finished Grad school myself this Fall. I received a MA in Management that I will definitely use while launching my company. Graduate school will be challenging, but with your tenacity and drive you'll do just fine. One of the few things a person can never take away from you is acquired knowledge, it's yours to keep forever! You Go Girl!!

  22. Yay, so excited for you!! I'm still torn on the whole topic of grad school... I'm planning to see where I am at that point in my life.

  23. Congrats! Brave of you to take the leap of faith. I've had to postpone my grad school plans for an internship, taking the GRE, and because I have my heart set on bigger and better programs (such a hard decision). I'm wishing you all the best and know you're going to go far in your career.

  24. Congratulations on making the best decision for yourself. It seemed everything worked out in your favor.

  25. Congratulations!!! That's huge and I know you'll be successful!
    I'm considering grad school, but I have to get through undergrad first, lol

    -Chymere A.

  26. Congratulations!! I wish you all the best!


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