November 21, 2013

Healthy meals by my roommate {Greek salad}

Yum! I know.

 You loved Alexandria's Pescatarian Bowl, and now I'm sharing her go-to salad recipe with you. I think she makes this just about every week and it always looks so good. It never takes her more than a few minutes to prep and mix, which is so convenient after a long day at work. Not only is it pretty, it's so tasty too!

Here's the recipe for Alexandria's Quick Greek Salad

Greens: Mixed baby greens
Add in: Chopped tomatoes
Chopped mixed baby peppers (red, orange, yellow)
Chopped red onions
Dressing: She mixes Italian dressing with squeezed lemon juice for the perfect Greek salad dressing

She uses a large measuring cup/bowl that has a lid. See a smaller version here.

Once you've put all of your ingredients in, put the lid on and shake it up! Then pour it out on your plate/bowl and enjoy :)

So simple. Yet healthy and delicious. 

How do you feel about Greek salads? Anything else you would add? 
Leave a comment and share!


  1. GET OUT OF HERE! This salad looks PHENOMENAL! Lemon juice is such a great idea. I also never thought of adding peppers to my greek. Two new things for me to try. Tell your roommate THANK YOU!
    Kolbi | Life With Kolbi

  2. That looks delicious! I always add olives to my Greek salad.

  3. I love Greek salad .. This one looks yummy.. Ur roomie did a very good job
    I am inviting you to join my $30 certificate giveaway
    Keep in touch,

  4. that is a pretty salad! haha, it is!!

  5. Yum. I'd have to add some feta and pepperoncinis. So pretty and colorful!

  6. This looks delicious and I love all the colors!



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