November 28, 2013

My First Vlog! {Happy Thanksgiving}

Ah, my first vlog! These are so nerve-wracking to do, because I hate hearing my voice (doesn't everyone?) and they never come out perfect. But here goes, my first video post. It's short and sweet, just saying Happy Thanksgiving and putting a voice to the words of RCSOATL. Let me know what you think!

If you like it, I will plan another vlog to show some of the projects I'm working on and my favorite places in ATL :)

I'm so grateful for the readers of RCSOATL, wishing you all the very best day!

I have so much to share, so soon!


  1. I don't think most people like the sound of their own voice. Especially when most cameras have rather mediocre audio quality. I sure don't like mine.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful time in South Carolina! I really like your video :)


  3. Most of us don't like the sound of our own voices... Happy Thanksgiving Vett :)

  4. AHHHH! I absolutely love that you are vlogging now! I can definitely say that you are going to HATE your voice for the first five or six video, but it will grow on you! I love this!!!! So excited for this!
    Kolbi | Life WIth Kolbi

  5. Excellent job! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family!


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