August 21, 2014

Gold glitter French manicure

I am finally relaxing after a busy first week of classes, and I have one more class tomorrow along with a  leadership training course! I wanted to share the manicure I've been rocking this week. After being forced to get a French manicure for my friend's wedding, I kind of fell in love with it. But this time, I tried it with some gold glitter on top (#glitteraddict) and it's been a fun style. This gold glitter French manicure is such a fun twist on the typical white tipped French mani.

Have a great weekend! And stay tuned for some awesome giveaways coming up! :)


  1. i love french mai's but never tried glitter , will have to get glittring tips soon
    keep in touch

  2. Hello from Spain: very cool manicure. I like the golden color. Very elegant. Keep in touch

  3. Obsessed with these Vett, I normally do gold nails around the holidays, this would be a fun twist for me to try!

  4. I like the gold glitter... I do like French manicures but I adore my glitter :) They look great on you :)


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