August 13, 2014

Eating in ATL {West Egg Cafe}

I can't believe I haven't already blogged about this place because West Egg Cafe is one of my favorite spots in West Midtown. Most people who live in Atlanta have heard of it and have braved the weekend crowd to try the amazing food selection at West Egg, but I wanted to share it with the readers outside of ATL who visit my blog for food recommendations. This is an awesome breakfast/brunch spot, and they serve breakfast all day! They also have regular lunch & dinner items that are fantastic.

We went on a brunch date to West Egg the other week (during the week) so there wasn't much of a wait. I've tried several of their brunch items, but their waffle with spiced butter is my go-to. I do make a point to try a different drink every time I go because their coffee/drink menu is insane. They have monthly specials so be sure to check the backside of the menu for those.

My boyfriend loves their omelets, and although I'm not really an egg eater, West Egg's omelets are tempting. If you like grits, you must try theirs! So thick, creamy, and tangy - there's a little kick to these grits that makes them incredible. 

I'm such a fan of their fried green tomatoes because they don't put too much bread on the tomatoes like many restaurants do. Instead, you taste the pure flavor of the green tomato and it's perfect.

Besides their three menus of food choices, West Egg also has a front section that has baked goods and it set up as a pastry shop. I know some people like to go there for studying and great coffee drinks. My favorite drink is their mocha with whipped cream (shown above), yum!


  1. I've driven by West Egg so many times but the weekend crowds are too much for me. This look delicious though if I can get there during the week!

    Nicole to the Nines

  2. I love West Egg, I am now dying to try their breakfast choices due to this post :)

  3. I'm not a big egg/omelet fan but obviously the grits and fried green tomatoes would be perfect substitutes!

  4. Ooh yum this looks fantastic. I had my first biscuit and gravy this summer while in Cape May--- they are deadly delicious!

  5. All of the food looks delicious Vett :)


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