August 30, 2014

Doing work on the weekends

Now that school is back in session and I'm back to taking classes + working, I've had to start doing some work on the weekends again. Of course I wish I could spend the entire weekend lounging around, hanging with friends, and catching up on sleep. But realistically, I have to schedule in time to do school work and work for my company. I'm getting some work done this weekend so I thought I would share how I schedule in work time while still enjoying my weekends.

A few tips for getting work done on the weekends:

Plan it ahead of time | If I have work to do on a weekend, I typically spend a few minutes on that Friday morning planning out when I will get the work + my weekend activities done. I've included a sample weekend work schedule below.

Pace yourself | Getting work done is a lot easier and more enjoyable when you spread it out over the weekend and get a little bit done at a time. I definitely pace myself and breakdown my homework assignments to get them done one by one.

Share meals with friends/combine eating with hanging out | On the weekends, I try and spend time with friends over meals so that I have more time to devote to working. This also helps save money. Plus, eating with others is always more enjoyable!

Change your environment | If you have to work on the weekends, you might as well have a great view, am I right? I like finding cool places in the city to work and study on the weekends to make my work more enjoyable. See examples in my schedule below.

Here's an example weekend schedule for me:


1pm - 2pm | class
2pm - 4pm | run errands
4pm - 6pm | relax, take a nap
6pm - 7pm | dinner with a friend
7pm - 9pm | homework (I like to work on homework while the material is fresh on my mind)
9pm - 11pm | relaxing, watching TV/Netflix


9am - 10am | fitness & breakfast
10am - 12noon | work for my company and/or any work for my job
12noon - 2pm | lunch and/or hangout with a friend
2pm - 4pm | run errands
4pm - 6pm | study, homework (I like going to a fun place in the city to work on Saturdays. It's nice to visit other Atlanta neighborhoods and local coffee shops or work outside)
6pm - 8pm | relax, nap
8pm - until | evening event/activity


11am - 1pm | church
1pm - 2pm | brunch with a friend
2pm - 3pm | relax, nap
3pm - 4pm | fitness
4pm - 6pm | remaining homework
6pm - 7pm | household chores, clean my room and organize for the week
7pm - 8pm | organize materials and answer company & blog emails 
8pm - 10pm | read, watch TV, relax

How do you get homework or other work accomplished on the weekend?


  1. These are incredible tips, and just what I needed! My fall quarter doesn't start till September 22nd, but I can definitely use these tips to stress less on the weekends. :)

    dance a real

  2. Hello from Spain: great proposal work plan. Weekends I always take the opportunity to advance the work of the following week. I love the weekend because I work for framework time. Keep in touch

  3. Great tips! I usually have a general guideline of what I should be doing throughout the week (including weekends) and just adjust it to whatever is a priority at the time and as I go along. But I will definitely think to have meal with friends more often so I don't feel like I'm losing out on as much social time :) Loving your posts as always!

  4. When I was still in school, I'd always have a simple plan. Wait until the last minute

  5. I love how organized you are on the weekend! I think you have just inspired me to plan out my weekends a little better!


  6. You like to keep busy huh?! I like how organized you are.. that's definitely an inspiration!!
    xo ClassToCloset

  7. Doing work on the weekend is tough, but it sounds like you're NAILING IT! Go girl!

    xo, katie // a touch of teal

  8. I also have to do schoolwork on the weekend. It sucks, but I know it will be worth it when I finish my Masters! Hello new paycheck.

  9. So your schedule is insane, more power to you for being able to balance everything while being so amazingly productive. Quite the superwoman you are Vett :)


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