September 02, 2014

10 minute workouts {September fitness}

I cannot believe it's September already! For this month's fitness challenge, I am going to try at least one "quick workout" every day. I love doing 10-minute cardio workouts in the morning before class/work or before bed. Knowing a workout will be quick and effective makes me more likely to attempt it (just being honest). There are TONS of quick workout videos out there so I'm excited to try at least 30 new workouts this month. But I do already have a few favorites.

Here are 5 of what I consider to be the best quick workouts!

Give these a try and when you find a style that you like, subscribe to the YouTube channel and keep up the workouts! :)


  1. time is flying, i was thinking of staring my 30 day chalange but i guess i will try this 10 min one
    keep in touch

  2. I think a 10 minute challenge per day is great idea... I'm doing a 25 day challenge for crunches and leg lifts... this would be a great add on Vett ♡

  3. Hello from Spain: I do fitness everyday. The sport is very healthy. Keep in touch

  4. I used to love those 10-minute workouts! They're really great when you're pressured for time.

    dance a real

  5. After this past summer it's time to get back on track fitness wise so this is perfect!

  6. Thanks for sharing, i want to try a new routine and will try some of these. Been getting bored with Jillian's. Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I worked out 3x a week at an hour the most.


  7. I love fitness blender, started a 10 min ab exercise there a few days ago. I will check out the other vids. I nominated you for a challenge on my blog.


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