September 08, 2014

Back on the healthy track {part 5}

Happy Monday! I'm sharing some recent, delicious and healthy meals. I also wanted to share a few things I do to motivate myself to eat healthy and be physically active. I've been getting some emails asking for suggestions for motivation to have a healthy lifestyle:

Tips for getting back on the healthy track

Find a health/fitness role model 
( I really like MankoFit - her personality, tips, and workout clips are great!)

Try different healthy foods & find a favorite 
(I try a different fruit/veggie every month based on what's in season or on sale.)

Get a workout buddy and healthy eating buddy 
(Instead of just eating out to meet up with friends, I like to workout with friends who I know enjoy fitness. And, I have several friends who I go to when I need a healthy eating accountability partner.)

Work your way back to a healthy lifestyle - doing it cold turkey is hard!
(I started off by eating one clean meal a day, then 2, and now it has become a lifestyle.)

Reward yourself for following through on healthy eating

Read and remind yourself of the benefits of healthy living
(The CDC has some great facts that always make me feel good about living a healthy lifestyle. Read them here.)

Start a healthy eating/fitness Pinterest board
(I am inspired by my healthy pins and they are proof that healthy food can be delicious! Follow my healthy eating board here.)

Keep healthy snacks around, toss the sugary ones
(Fruits, veggies, nuts, and dried veggie "chips" are all great snacks to replace the unhealthy ones that make us gain so much weight.)

Recent meals 

Salmon, black beans & sliced potatoes

Same as meal above + broccoli and squash

Cabbage cooked in olive oil with black pepper & sweet onions (one of my favorite side dishes & it's so easy!)

Arugula with sliced cheese, tomatoes and olives w/ a lemon vinaigrette dressing

Romaine lettuce with onions, orange and red peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers & poppyseed dressing

I made this meal for my friend and I (very first photo) after a really hard workout.  I cooked veggie crumbles in olive oil with onions and purple cabbage. I also made us an arugula salad with pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, avocado, and poppyseed dressing.

FYI, this is the size of the salads I have for lunch (about 2 handfuls). I like to pair these with a veggie burger patty, (grilled chicken would be great too), or a side of vegetables.


  1. That all looks delicious! And it was very inspiring for my own healthy track! :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. so healthy!
    have a nice week dear,

  3. so health!
    have a nice week dear,

  4. This is inspiring. I've been debating whether or not to join weight watchers (for the millionth time) or count calories. It never occurred to me to swap one meal with clean eating and then move on to 2+ once I adapted. And each of these meals looks delicious! Thank you for posting this (I'll even start today- no time like the present).

    1. I counted calories using an app for 2 months (just to make it a habit). Working your way to being healthy is a great method and lasts! I've been at it for more than a year :) best of luck and thanks for reading!

  5. i think i need to start with one clean meal as you said
    keep in touch

  6. Good for you! Everything looks so tasty and healthy for sure. I need to pick up some arugula and cabbage!

  7. I need to definitely get back on the healthy eating track. I was so bad the end of summer but I'm determined to get back into it now. All of your meals look so good!

    <3, Pamela

  8. Love arugula in salad!! So agree, all it takes is one healthy choice after another and pretty soon you're right on track!

  9. Workout buddies do definitely help with accountability factors. I find that I rarely workout these days but when I do it's because my friend is waking me up for the gym and kicking my ass while we are in the gym lol. I love how well you incorporate greens in your meals. Again, these posts remind me to get like you when it comes to the health/fitness game haha

  10. gnummy..i'm very hungry looks so delicious..

  11. Thanks for sharing! That food looks so yummy ^^

  12. You're doing a wonderful job!!!!!!! Especially the salmon, so good for you and delicious xo

  13. Your meals always look so, so good!

  14. I think an eating buddy is key, eating healthy is so much easier when your whole household/apartment are eating well too!

  15. I love cabbage and salmon. I've changed my diet and I'm seeing the difference.


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