September 29, 2014

Outkast ATLast Concert | Saturday {review}

What. A. Weekend. Honestly, I did not get much work done this weekend. It was one of those all play, no work kind of weekends and I am not mad about it. I was celebrating my friend's birthday and I also spent most of Saturday attending the Outkast ATLast concert. Maybe you saw "Outkast" mentioned on some form of social media this weekend? That's because for Atlanta and Outkast fans worldwide, this concert tour was a big deal. Outkast has been around for twenty years, but they just recently reunited to go on tour, ending the tour in Atlanta (their hometown). So as soon as tickets went on sale, I purchased them (literally 5 seconds after they went on sale). I listened to Outkast most heavily in middle & high school and have continued to love their music and collaborations since then. The Saturday (original) show date sold out almost immediately, so Outkast added a Friday show. And then that sold out! So they also added a Sunday tour which eventually sold out as well. Talk about a fan base.

Here's one of my Instagram posts from after the show, it's a regram of Big Boi's Instagram photo of the Saturday show. How cool is that? It's even cooler knowing I was somewhere in that mob of people enjoying the classic music that Outkast has created. They also showed similar images to this on the screen during the concert and the city looked so beautiful.

I went to the concert with my boyfriend and we got to Centennial Olympic Park about 30 minutes after the gates opened (4pm). The park was already packed! And the first opening act, Roary, didn't come on until around 5pm. We stood for a while, but eventually found somewhere to sit until Outkast came out.

I also ran into some friends from college, saw my roommate, and my cousin! I'm pretty sure most of Atlanta went to at least one of the shows this weekend.

The next act, Childish Gambino came on around 6pm and performed until around 7pm. I'm not a huge fan of his, but it was nice to have someone performing on stage and he definitely had a nice group of fans present. Kid Cudi came on next and since I know a few of his songs, I was more into his performance. Kid Cudi promised to have a short performance so that "we could get to what we were all there to see." He also had a very large group of fans who were standing and singing along as he performed. It seems like the opening acts were targeted for the different Atlanta R&B/Hip-Hop eras: Friday was the newer generation of rappers with Future and 2 Chainz, Saturday was more of the Indie Rock Hip-Hop genre, and Sunday was more of the old school crowd with Bun B, 8 Ball and MJG, and I heard Erykah Badu performed as well!

Photo via @by0utii
 Ah, and finally around 9:15pm, Big Boi and Andre 3000 graced the stage! Everyone who had been sitting down since 4:30pm jumped up and the crowd went wild. Big Boi was wearing some vintage Atlanta Falcons apparel (loved it). And Andre 3000 wore a statement jumpsuit that said "teachers deserve more," also loved it and agreed with it. His silver/blonde wig was another story...

Although they didn't play every song in it's entirety, they came close to performing almost all of their joint records and individual records, definitely playing the crowd favorites. I was happy because they played "Prototype," "Kryptonite," "Roses,"and "SpottieOttieDopaliscious" - my favorites! I have never stood/waited so long for a concert performance, but Outkast was totally worth it. I have a feeling that they will be retiring soon and that this concert weekend was not something to miss. I am so proud and happy to be an ATLien!


  1. Wasn't it great! Sad I didn't run into Saturday!


  2. I love concerts! I bet that was a really good one!


  3. Gorgeous night shots! Love your headband, too.

  4. My friends in Atlanta said they had a great time as well! I wish I could've been there!

  5. I've heard so many awesome things about this show. I wish I could've gone but I blinked and the tickets were sold out lol. But it looks like you had a bomb time and I love that headband you were wearing :)

  6. wow , it must be so much fun
    i so want this all play kind of weekend
    Keep in touch

  7. It was perfect weather this weekend for the concert! Loving your flower crown!

  8. Every day had such a great line up! I went Friday, got there super early, and I was just in a zone the whole time. I was planning to do a post, but decided not to since I barely took any pictures, just taking it all in. The wig made me happy; that's classic Andre 3000 costume age. It made me remember falling in love with his weirdness back in the the day and felt like he was the only rapper in the game who understood me at the time, lol. Loved it. I didn't hear a lot of my personal Outkast favorites, but I did hear some. The show was overall amazing. Not one person that went had anything negative to say about it. You took some really nice photos. I really liked one of the skyline pics you posted on IG that day. Great review! ♥

  9. What an awesome experience Vett! I regret not seeing an outdoor concert this summer because they're always so much fun. Love your flower headband!

  10. This seems like a very fun weekend ;)


  11. couldn't have said it better myself, but the Outkast concert was amazing i went to the Sunday show and I can say I definitely I got my money worth with some surprise guest here and there

  12. What a fun weekend! Your makeup looks amazing!

  13. Seriously?! How gorgeous are you! And looks like such a fun time!


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