October 01, 2014

Back on the healthy track {part 6}

Ever since my super fun but super unhealthy trip to NYC, my eating habits have been all over the place. But this week I'm finally getting back to business. I am very close to my goal weight and fitness levels so I am using December 31 as my deadline for reaching those goals. In order to do this, I'm increasing my workouts to twice a day at least four times a week. Right now I workout for at least 30-45 minutes Monday through Friday. Also, I'm cutting two of my favorite things - cheese and bread - out of my diet for the month of October. Ugh, this is going to be very difficult for me because I've started adding cheese to many of my meals ever since I eliminated meat from my diet. And I am missing bread already. But this is such a great way to drop weight in those problem areas. I'll keep you posted on how this challenge goes! 

Check out some of my favorite healthy meals from this week and last week:

I often get emails asking about grocery shopping for healthy foods. I advise people to buy a few healthy items and try them out. Buying a ton of items at once can be overwhelming, expensive, and they're likely to go to waste. Above are the items I purchased on Monday for this week, totaling about $20: an eggplant, strawberries, 3 avocados, an onion, a zucchini squash, black beans, a sweet potato, and a tub of organic "power greens."

And here's a breakdown of my plans for what I purchased
Black beans (side item, ingredient for homemade veggie burgers)
Eggplant (meat substitute/entree)
Onion (garnish, for sautéing items)
Avocado (topping for salads, for a sauce/cream)
Strawberries (topping for salads, snack, smoothie ingredient)
Sweet potato (side item, sauce)
Power greens (salad)

I made this salad with some remaining arugula and tomato in my fridge. Topped with black pepper and lemon juice.

Arugula salad mixed with carrots, a sliced banana, fresh cilantro, and topped with lime juice.

Yellow squash and cauliflower sautéed in olive oil with onions, black pepper and parsley. 

Last Thursday, I ate at Canoe in Atlanta for my roommate's birthday. I was so happy with my meal - salmon with spaghetti squash and carrots and spinach. Healthy and filling. A full review of that restaurant is coming soon! ;)

Power greens salad with 1/2 an avocado and strawberries. Topped with lemon and lime juice.

Brussels sprouts! See my recipe here.

Post workout meal - same power greens salad as above.

Similar to salad above, but I added a veggie burger and sautéed onions. Topped with lemon and lime juice.

How is clean and healthy eating going for you?


  1. I need to get back on the healthy track, I always feel better when I eat healthier.


  2. I feels good to get back on track, I look forward to hearing about your process :)

  3. I need to get back on the healthy track, too! These meals look SO yummy!

  4. i am surely going to try out the recipe with strawberries
    keep in touch

  5. Hello from Spain: This food is very healthy. Great choice. Keep in touch

  6. I would never, ever think to add bananas to a salad! So unique! All of this looks amazing.

  7. Lol it's not going at all for me lol, but I'm always impressed by how well you stick to your eating habits. I can't believe you're cutting out cheese and bread, that's insanely hard but more power to you girl. Salads with strawberries in them are my fav btw

  8. Easy great healthy recipes. Thanks for sharing. :)



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