October 07, 2014

October fitness challenge {abs and squats}

via 30 Day Fitness Challenges

I know October is already a week in, but it's never too late to start a fitness challenge! For this month, I'm taking on the 30 Day Fitness Challenge of doing a variation of ab workouts + squats throughout the month of October. I already focus on these areas for my normal workouts, so it will be nice to have a plan to stick to during October.

BTW, I've been doing pretty well with my challenge of dropping bread & cheese from my diet and have already lost four pounds this month since doing so. That shows how much I normally eat those items. Yesterday I went to Chipotle and ordered a burrito bowl without meat, a tortilla, or cheese…and it was still delicious.

Let me know if you're going to try this challenge this month too!


  1. I need some motivation to truly get on a healthy workout regime. I think I may try one of these challenges.

  2. I've been wanting to dramatically reduce my gluten and dairy intake too. I think I might be slightly gluten intolerant, and I just feel healthier when I avoid bread. I don't eat a ton of dairy products--well, unless ice cream is in the house ;) Anyway, thanks for posting! I've never done one of these 30-day challenges before; maybe I'll try it someday.

    dance a real

  3. i have donebpth these challenges together and they work like a dream , will start on 1st nov again after festival season ends in india
    Keep in touch

  4. i want to try to make this program..i must save this pic

  5. You are gonna have rock hard abs after this month Vett!

  6. Good luck with the challenge Vett, I wish my knees would let me do squats, I find challenges a great way to get back on track or to keep on track <3

  7. I'm loving your blog!! Officially Subbed:) I know I'm over a week late but I'm going to join in on this challenge. GOOD LUCK!! Keep us posted on your progress.

  8. Definitely need to use this for my work out regimen!



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