October 31, 2014

Remember to Vote

This past Monday, I voted early for the first time. For Georgia, today is the last day of early voting and I highly recommend all registered voters to exercise their right and get out and vote! It's easy to forget just how important and special the right to vote is because for our generation it's always been possible. But there are people living today who at some point in their lives could not vote just because of their gender or their race. And in 2014, there are countries across the world where people are protesting, fighting, and dying for the right to vote for their leadership.

We are very blessed to live in a nation that allows everyone the opportunity to vote, so we must not take that for granted. Politicians and lawmakers take care of the people who put them in office and keep them in office, and our generation should be included in that group.

Don't forget to vote early or vote on Election Day!


  1. Great post Vett, I'm shocked at the number of young people I come across who don't vote (especially women!). We worked so hard to get that right that I feel like we have an obligation. (have you seen the 'You Don't Own Me" video on Youtube encouraging women to go out and vote, its worth a look!).

  2. I think everyone who has the right to vote should vote... people to easily forget how people fought for us all to have that right... you write it so eloquently Vett :)


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