November 03, 2014

November Calf Raise Challenge {fitness}

I went to my college's homecoming this weekend and had so much fun, but I am very exhausted from all of the events! I'll definitely share a few photos from the weekend on here soon. 

Since November has officially started (insane), that means a new fitness challenge for the month. I love doing these and they seem to be popular among my readers interested in health and fitness. Finding and actually doing fitness challenges is a great way to stick to working out and enjoy it. This month, I'm focusing on sculpting my calf muscles. Little known secret, I do 10 calf raises twice, every day when I get out of bed and before heading to bed. They help keep my leg muscles strong and stretched. So I think it will be great to increase my calf workouts during the month using this plan I found on Pinterest. 

Great calf muscles make your legs look toned while wearing heels or flats. These may be easy, but you will definitely feel the burn!


  1. Ooh this would be a quick easy work out to do when I'm on my breaks at work!

  2. I need to do this! I love the idea of doing in when you wake up and before bed! I'm challenging myself to do that too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Omg I hope you're able to stick to it ! I can't even say how many workouts I've started but haven't finished .. it's embarrassing lol This is a great idea though. Good luck :)

  4. Vett I really need to get motivated to work out and get my toosh off the couch lol! This 30 day fitness challenge sounds totally doable. :)


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