October 20, 2014

High Museum of Art Atlanta {review}

I love the High Museum of Art! A few weeks ago my college hosted an event at the High Museum of Art, also known as "The High," in Midtown and I'm so happy I got to attend. 

The Woodruff Arts Center building
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The High is a part of the Woodruff Arts Center, which also includes a theatre for dramatic performances, an orchestra, dining, and more! The event invited students to a complimentary reception at the museum as well as complimentary tickets to a show going on at the Alliance Theatre or free tickets to the museum. My boyfriend and I decided to view the museum since we'd both been to the Alliance before.

The inside of the museum is absolutely gorgeous and includes floor after floor of exhibits organized by time periods and artists. We walked around every floor, but there was way too much to see in just one night. One of my favorite exhibits was an audio exhibit that included tons of speakers in a room that were projecting the voices of different singers. Basically a robot choir! It was beyond cool to sit and listen for a little while in between all of the visual art exhibits.

I've been to lots of museums and The High has my favorite setup and arrangement of artifacts. I love how pieces are spaced out, not always hung on the walls, yet still organized.

The larger pieces are in giant, empty rooms and each take up a wall. These were some of my favorite pieces because they were so creative and dramatic. I would love these in my future home!

There are also a few windows with nice views of Midtown!

After touring the museum, I knew I had to get a membership card so that I can return to see new exhibits and visit the other areas in the Woodruff Arts Center. Student cards are much more affordable than the average memberships, and a lot of the exhibits appeal to people my age. If you're an art-lover, history-lover, or if you're just looking for something unique to do in Atlanta…visit the High Museum of Art. It will not disappoint! 

What's your favorite museum in your city?


  1. Hello from Spain: fabulous architecture. Stunning Museum. Very interesting. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  2. What a gorgeous building. I love art museums! Such a cute pic of you, too!

  3. I love the High! I see you were attracted to the smile too :) Lovely photos :)

  4. I could spend hours wandering around different museums, they are definitely my happy place. Just another thing to put on my list of things to do if I ever visit Atlanta!

  5. That looks like a great exhibit! I could spend hours in a museum!


  6. it looks like a great museum, and a great building too.
    My favorite museums in Barcelona are the Macba and the Picasso museum (I never get tired of looking at Picasso work)

  7. So gorgeous! Looks like an amazing event!



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