September 11, 2014

Eating in ATL {BurgerFi} Midtown

I first told you about my appreciation for BurgerFi when I recapped my trip to Ft. Lauderdale. This place makes the best veggie burger I've ever had while eating out. And I've asked other friends about their meat burgers and every single one of them agreed they are delicious!

So a new BurgerFi location opened in the Midtown Atlanta area and I've already been three times. It is one of my favorite spots for cheat meals. I also love the option for ordering online to pick-up the order. View the full BurgerFi menu here.

I'm sure you're wondering what makes them so special because there are burger joints all over the place, right? Here are some facts & photos from their website:

At BurgerFi® our burgers are never frozen, never cooked in a microwave oven and are guaranteed fresh, juicy and delicious! 

BurgerFi® is changing the way we think of the burger. 

BurgerFi® picks up where the other "better burger" franchises leave off. First, BurgerFi® focuses on all-natural, free-range beef. We do this because it tastes better, and it's better for you- with no chemicals, and no additives. Also, where others limit their menu to just the basic, no-frills options, BurgerFi® has built a menu with specialty items like Kobe beef hot dogs, gourmet toppings, delectable desserts, craft beer & wine, and an overall focus on a healthier menu selection. 

More than just great food, dining at BurgerFi® is a unique experience- one you can feel good about. Each BurgerFi® store is built according to environmentally sustainable best practices, and includes earth-friendly elements, like chairs that are made from recycled Coke bottles, tables made out of compressed recycled wood, and large fans that use 66% less electricity. BurgerFi® maintains a low carbon footprint, and maintains strict recycling programs for oil, cardboard, bottles and cans. 

They also serve hot dogs with delicious topping options.

These fries are my favorite. You can request them to be cooked stiff or limp and add parmesan and herbs, yum!

Don't forget to try dessert. They make these delicious custard treats in lots of flavors. And, be sure to try the items on their secret menu, truly indulge!


  1. Ugh I absolutely love BurgerFi! It's my favorite burger place! SO yummy!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I have not had a hamburger or a hotdog in forever and this post really makes me want one!


  3. Good to know! They are opening one near our beach house and I Was curious!!

  4. Mmmmm, another burger joint I gotta try. Heyyyy :)

  5. I'm thinking we need to make a stop here next weekend when we are in ATL!

  6. YUM! That looks amazing :) Definitely making a stop there if we're ever in Atlanta!

    xo, K

  7. The food looks so good ... I wish they had one here!

  8. I am sitting here salivating and wishing I could be back in ATL before the year is out. LOOKS SO GOOD!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise


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