August 05, 2014

Parks in Atlanta besides Piedmont

One item on my summer bucket list was to visit three parks besides Piedmont Park (huge, very popular park in Midtown Atlanta). I love Piedmont and the views just as much as the next ATLien, but there are always people there! So my boyfriend has helped me with my mission to explore as many non-Piedmont, Atlanta parks as possible! 

Swinging on the playground in Ardmore Park

I had no idea that so many adorable parks with water, cool trails, and playgrounds existed inside the city. I wanted to share some of my new favorite spots with you and encourage you to try visiting them the next time you're looking for a quiet, beautiful environment. 

A photo of me at Tanyard Creek Park in Northwest Atlanta. This creek is a must-see and a hidden treasure. Check out a list of the great City of Atlanta parks below, along with their addresses! I bolded the parks I've been to :)

Northeast Atlanta Parks

Candler Park 1500 McLendon Ave. NE
Central Park 400 Merritts Ave. NE
Freedom Park Euclid Ave. NE across from Waverly Way
Home Park 1015 Tumlin St/Calhoun St. NW
Iverson Park 1429 Iverson St. NE
J.D. Sims Park 544 Angier Ave. NE
John Howell Memorial Park 797, 833 & 869 Virginia Ave NE
Lake Claire Park 430 Lakeshore Dr near McLendon Ave, NE
McClatchey Park Avery Dr and Westminister NE
Morgan-Boulevard Park 521 Boulevard NE
Noble Park 1710 Noble Dr. NE
Orme Park 795 Brookridge Dr. NE
Parkway-Wabash Park Parkway at Wabash NE
Piedmont Park 400 Park Drive NE
Selina S. Butler Park 98 Wm Holmes Borders Dr. NE
Sidney Marcus Park 786 Cumberland Rd. NE
Springvale Park Euclid Ave at Waverly Way NE
Sunken Garden Park 1000 E. Rock Springs Rd. NE
Winn Park Westminister Dr. at Lafayette Dr. NE

Tanyard Creek Park
Northwest Atlanta Parks

Abner Place Park 2573 Abner Pl (Arno St/Hollywood Rd. NW)
Anderson Park 98 Anderson Ave. NW
Ardmore Park Ardmore Rd off Collier Rd. NW
Arlington Circle Playlot Arlington Cir. (off Baker Rd. at North Ave. NW)
Ashby Circle Playlot Ashby Cir off Mayson Turner Rd. NW
Atlanta Memorial Park 384 Woodward Way NW
Beaverbrook Park Brookview Dr. NW
Center Hill Park 2305 Bankhead Hwy. NW
Channing Valley Park Channing Dr at Sunbury Pl. NW
Chastain Memorial Park 135 W. Wieuca Rd. NW
Coronet Way Park 2411 Coronet Way NW
Ellsworth Park Howell Mill Rd. at Collier Rd. NW
English Park 1350 Bolton Rd. NW
Garden Hills Park E. Wesley at Rumson Rd
Grove Park 709 Hortense Place NW
J.F. Kennedy Park 225 Chestnut St/Orr St. NW
Knight Park 1194 Church St. NW
Lillian Cooper Shepherd Park 2886 Argyle Dr. NW
Maddox Park 1115 Bankhead Hwy NW, at Marietta Blvd.
Mozley Park 1565 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SW
Peachtree Hills Park 308 Peachtree Hills Ave, NE
Shady Valley Park 2720 Shady Valley Dr. NE
Tanyard Creek Park Collier Rd/ Walthall Dr. NW
Tremont Playlot Tremont Dr @ Dixie Hills Cir. NW
Underwood Hills Park Ridgeway Ave/Harper Way NW
Verbena Street Playlot 120 Hyacinth Ave. NW, and 2185 Verbena St. NW
Washington Park 102 Ollie St NW, at Lena St.

Tanyard Creek Park (Northwest Atlanta)

Southeast Atlanta Parks

"Jacci Fuller" Woodland Garden Park Gilbert St at Confederate Ave. SE
Arthur Langford, Jr. Park 211 Thornton St. SW
Benteen Park Benteen Ave at Casanova St. SE
Bessie Branham Park 2051 Delano Dr at Norwood Ave. SE
Brownwood Park Emerson Ave at Brownwood Ave. SE
Cabbagetown Park 701 Kirkwood Ave. SE
Chosewood Park 401 Nolan St. SE
Cleveland Avenue Park 41 Cleveland Ave. SE
East Lake Park 2617 Memorial Dr. SE/ Daniel St./ Alston Dr.
Empire Park 245 Oak Dr. SE
Esther Peachy Lefevre Park Wylie St at Powell St. SE
Four Corners Park 1040 Crew St SE, at Haygood Ave.
Grant Park 840 Cherokee Ave. SE. at Sydney St/ Boulevard
Harper Park Wilson Rd and Gilbert Rd. SE
Lang-Carson Park 100 Flat Shoals Ave. SE
Ormond-Grant Park Ormond St/Grant St. SE
Phoenix II Park Georgia Ave at Martin St. SE
Phoenix III Park Georgia Ave/Primrose St. SE
Pittman Park 950 Garibaldi St, SE
Rawson-Washington Park Connally St/Kelly St. NE
Rebel Valley Park 1005 Stonewall Drive SE
Rosa L. Burney Park 477 Windsor St. SE
South Atlanta Park Gammon St. SE at Bisbee Ave
Southeast Atlanta Park 365 Cleveland Ave. SE
Thomasville Park 1835 Henry Thomas Drive, SE
Tullwater Park 680 McWilliams Rd. SE
Walker Park Memorial Dr at Memorial Ter. SE
Windsor Street Park 700 Windsor St @ Bass St. SE

On the Westside BeltLine trail
Southwest Atlanta Parks

Adair I Park 724 Catherine Ave. SW
Adair II Park Murphy Av/Gillett St/Lillian Ave. SW
Adams Park 2300 Wilson Dr. SW
Barbara A. McCoy Park 1640 Kenmore St. (entrance); 1641 Avon Ave. SW
Ben Hill Park 2405 Fairburn Rd. SW
Bonnie Brae Park Tift Ave at Bonnie Brae Ave. SE
Cleopas R. Johnson Park Fair St at Northside Dr. NW
Collier Park 3691 Collier Drive SW
Dean Rusk Park Sells Ave/Lawton St. SW
Deerwood Park Alexandria Dr/Tampa Trail SW
Emma Millican Park Deckner Ave at Clinton Pl. SW
Enota Place Playlot Enota Place at Sells Ave. SW
Harwell Heights Park 3114 Collier Dr. SW
Howell Park 983 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW
Isabel Gates Webster Park 275 Peyton Rd SW, at Peyton Place
John A. White Park 1053 Cascade Cir. SW
Oakland City Park 1305 Oakland Dr. SW at Epworth
Outdoor Activities Center 1442 Richland Rd. SW
Perkerson Park 770 Deckner Ave. SW
Rose Circle Park Rose Circle at White Street SW
Stone Hogan Park Stone Hogan Rd/St Hogan Conn. SW
Sylvan Circle Playlot 1950 Sylvan Rd. SW (Sylvan Cir at Sylvan Way)
Tucson Trail Park 4610 Tucson Trail SW, at Santa Rosa Dr
West End Park 1111 Oak St. SW
West Manor Park 3240 W. Manor Cir. SW at Benjamin E. Mays Dr.
Wilson Mill Park 300 Wilson Mill Rd. SW

There are so many incredible parks right here in the City of Atlanta. Piedmont is fantastic, but be sure to explore some other parks in the city too!


  1. I love any excuse to be outside in the summer so parks are right up my alley!

  2. *gasp*

    I live for parks with water features. Le sigh.

    Funny story, I used to live in a community called Garden Hills =D We're so hip! Haha

    You look so happy! Summer is being good to you, I can tell. Continue to explore because I'm enjoying these photos!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  3. Beautiful pictures and parks! You look amazing.

  4. Beautiful photos and parks!


  5. what a fun post! I love cute parks!

  6. Such pretty parks! I love your purple maxi!!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  7. Those pictures look great Vett. I agree with Kelsey this was definitely a fun post. The Beltline and Tanyard Park are awesome places.

  8. Atlanta is always so pretty and green. I just wish the summers weren't so humid

  9. The Ardmore Park looks bomb!!!!!! I wanna go!

  10. I think most places has more parks than most people realize. Nature hidden right under our noses


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