August 19, 2014

Millennium Gate Museum {Atlantic Station}

If you've been to the Atlantic Station area in Midtown Atlanta, I'm sure you've seen the giant arch. About a year ago, I found out there was a museum and office space inside this arch! I've been trying to make a visit for the longest, and a few weeks ago my boyfriend and I finally visited the Millennium Gate Museum. When you visit, go through the doors behind me (in the photo above).

The museum focuses on Georgia and Atlanta history, which was perfect for an Atlanta-lover like me. But they also have different exhibitions and really cool, interactive displays. The Millennium Gate Museum's website says,

The Millennium Gate Museum’s mission is to preserve and interpret Georgia history, art, culture and philanthropic heritage as well as highlight Georgia’s historical and aesthetic relevance to the United States and to the world.

I loved this exhibit where they showed places around Atlanta from many years ago compared to now. And visitors can use their body motion to change the differing images.

The museum is set up in different time period rooms, which made reading the information easy and fun!

I also loved the quotations along the walls around the building.

After touring the museum, we got a tour to the top of the arch and got to see some incredible views of my favorite city. Even though it was overcast, it was still such a treat to see Atlanta from a new perspective. There's an office in the very top of the arch, so jealous of the people who get to work up there!

Thank you Jeremy, for showing us a great time at the museum! 


  1. I see that all the time and had no idea there was a museum in there lol. The view looks magnificent!

  2. Hello from Spain: I agree with you: great museum. Fabulous pics. I really like your pink blouse. You are lovely.. Nice pictures .. We keep in touch

  3. i have never been in! making it a to do!


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