August 14, 2013

Floral for all

Despite the gloomy weather, one thing I've seen lots of this summer: FLORAL!

What I love most about floral is how many different variations it comes in...literally there are thousands of floral prints out there. I used to think that floral wasn't for me, but I just hadn't found the right floral prints for me.

I've put together different types of floral patterns. If you see one you like, look for floral items similar to that pattern. Although summer is winding down, certain floral patterns can be worn in fall too :)

I got to hangout with my niece this weekend and we both wore floral to church, without planning it! Proof that floral is great for all ages.

And, my mom and I both wore floral (without planning it) two weeks ago in Tampa. Floral #twinning, gotta love it.

Find the right pattern for you and rock some floral before summer ends!

How have you worn floral this summer?


  1. I have always thought floral wouldn't look good on me, but maybe I just need to find the right floral for me! Great post!


  2. very very beautiful. Can you believe I actually haven't worn any floras this summer. Crazy!


  3. Vett you look splendid!!! That dress is beautiful, you are stunning! You have a lovely family, greetings to all of them!
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  4. You look stunning in that print.

  5. floral is just so elegant for me

  6. I have a great floral dress that I've almost worn to pieces. It's so versatile. I also have some great floral jeans that I love :)

  7. loving this dress on girly and frilly and fun! love it!

    XO Meghan

  8. I love floral and you're right, it allows such versatility. I really like your dress, it's the perfect way to make a gloomy day less gloomy and Lord knows GA has been experiencing quite a lot of gloom this summer lol.

  9. hey sweets , thanks a lot for dropping by my blog and for the lovely comment..
    i love d the baby pink floral the most...
    following you on GFC and bloglovin now, hope you follow back soon...
    keep in touch,

  10. Your dress is so cute!! I love the floral trend. :)

  11. I love floral! I have a blue shirt with a floral print that is perfect. I absolutely love that pink floral dress you have :)


  12. Cute dress!! I always see other people in floral prints and try to remind myself to find me a floral piece...the tomboy in me keeps forgetting!

  13. Those floral prints look so good on you Vett! I love both light and dark floral prints. They can even transition into the Fall.


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