August 06, 2013

5K in Atlanta {5K4KIDS Race}

Confession: I've never run (or walked) a 5K. It's all the rage in a running city like Atlanta, but I just haven't gotten around to participating in one yet. But this November, all of that will change! I'm going to participate in Foreverfamily's 5K 4 Kids Race.

The race is on November 16, in Piedmont Park! So it will be safe and fun for the entire family. And, the proceeds from the run go to an amazing organization that I just joined (more information about that soon) called Foreverfamily

Foreverfamily works with children of incarcerated parents in Atlanta and nationwide by encouraging & mentoring them to achieve academically and socially. Read more about Foreverfamily here.

Register before October 31!

Have you run a 5K before?


  1. I've never run one, but Clara and I training for a 5K this summer. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like loads of fun!

    The trick is to just walk up until you get to the distance and speed you want to be at while training for it(but if it's a fun walk/run thing, then there's no pressure for time) and don't over-think it. At the end, you will be smiling like a crazy person (or maybe that was just me).


  3. I've never participated in a race or walk before! The only thing close was coordinating a Terry Fox run (which is popular here in Canada). But this seems like a great causes- Good for you for participating!!!


  4. Ahh have fun! I wish I could sign up since I love in ATL too but I'm so busy with my foundation too! I'll be organizing a 5K late this year and/or early next year! I'll keep you updated :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  5. Yay for you--a new experience + worthy cause! I ran a 5K a few years ago when living in Dayton. It was in October (Ghost & Goblins 5K). It was a lot of fun! xo T.

  6. Good for you Vett! And what a great cause doll.


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