August 21, 2013

State of mind {necklaces}

Dogeared is a company that specializes in USA handcrafted jewelry. They have a line of necklaces that I love love love called State of Mind necklaces.

With friends and family moving to different states, these are the perfect gifts to help a friend remember where her heart and mind is, regardless of where she moves. The necklaces come in silver and gold, and they're all so cute!

Of course my personal favorite is the Georgia necklace, in gold.

And for all those who wander (but aren't lost)...they have one of the entire USA for you ;)

Which state would you get?


  1. These are darling! As far as the state goes, I have no clue which one I would get! I have lived in so many places it is hard to pick which one is truly home haha :)


  2. Ooh I am such a fan of Dogeared! I just ordered matching bow rings for my god-niece and I but that Texas necklace is SO calling my name!
    I need it!


    J. Parker

  3. SOO, cute. I'm loving the Texas jewelry.

  4. I want one, loove them

    if you wish to keep in touch,follow my blogsphere and i'll do the same :)

  5. Very original necklaces, but we are not as patriotic as to bring the map of Spain in the neck!

  6. I love 'em! I'm a California snob so that's what I'd want.

  7. Louisiana HERE! Those are cute!

  8. I'd get the California and Georgia ones! KrisNations also makes these little state pendant creations and I absolutely adore them!

    <3 Chymere Anais

  9. new york chain is cute! love this blog btw!

  10. Home, sweet Texas! I saw a similar version of these before, except with hearts in the middle of the states.



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