August 09, 2013

Backpacks vs. totes

To carry a backpack or to carry a tote? It's the debate I had every year before starting school in both high school and college. I used a backpack for the majority of high school and college, but my senior year of college, I really fell in love with totes.

Totes feel more professional, and when organized well, they are great bags for a busy woman. I carried my tote anytime I had a meeting in college or an interview. But I loved having a backpack whenever I had lots of books to carry or needed all of the small compartments that come with backpacks!

It's definitely a personal choice, and a difficult one because backpacks and totes are so cute!

I'm currently carrying a MK tote for my job and it's worked really well.

Which do you prefer - backpacks or totes? Place your vote by leaving a comment!


  1. I can't remember the last time I carried a backpack, to be honest...maybe middle school? I dunno, I've always been drawn to totes for my books and homework (my mom even has a pic of me carrying her large purse around when I was 2! Haha!) Though I feel like they make bookbags so adorable lately! In such cute prints and I love the slouchy look on the ones I've seen at Target!

  2. I prefer totes than backpack. Come visit my blog doll do not be a stranger.

  3. haha as for me, a guy, i prefer back pack hahah

  4. I think I'm gonna be on team backpack for now lol. It's so sad because totes are much more stylish, especially the MK one you have, but I need the space and compartments for my books and lunch. Le sigh. One day, I shall get that tote bag lol

  5. This is a debate everyone has! I always like to have options. In high school I used a backpack. However, in college my bag preference changes by day depending on what I need for classes. Ideally, I would love to just use tote bags, but days when I need my laptop and textbooks it's better for your body to care a backpack. Good thing there are some fashionable backpacks out there!


  6. I've been using a back pack for most of high school and college, but I would love to find a cute tote for next year!!

  7. I've always been a backpack girl! the north face makes my favorite ones!

    Rachel @

  8. I love a good tote xx
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, let me know if you want to follow each other :)

  9. This year backpacks are a hot trend. However, a tote is my choice without hesitation.
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  10. I vote TOTE! I carried a backpack in school forever. LOL

  11. I preferred totes. They are chic, like the bright pink one!

  12. I've carried totes all throughout high school, but I decided to try a backpack for college this year! I haven't started school yet, but I've been carrying it around like a purse everyday. It's so convenient! Those backpacks on the top row are completely adorable. I also love that simple brown tote. Following you on GFC and Bloglovin'!

    May the Force be with you.

  13. I'm leaning towards a tote for college. I really preferred it my senior year of high school. They come in so many more stylish options!


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