August 20, 2013

Office party idea {Coke float party}

Because having cake for every office party gets I right? I've only been at my job for about two months and we've already had about six birthday celebrations, all involving cake.

My friend at work and I decided to have a little celebration for our intern returning to college. But instead of just bringing in a cake, we went for something different. Our intern loves Coca-Cola, so we threw him a Coke Float Party! I'm not a soda drinker, but I made an exception on this day.

It turned out to be such a fun, easy, inexpensive, and different office party! And it was delicious.

What you'll need

Coca-colas (one can = 2 servings)
Vanilla or chocolate ice cream
Medium sized cups

Suggest this fun idea for your next office or organization party! :)


  1. I love this idea :)


  2. This is super fun and wasy pary idea,no mess .. I am going to try this when i have a lot of guests..
    I am hosting my first giveaway, plz enter..
    Keep in touch,

  3. Yum, that sounds delicious! Instead of cake for birthdays here it's usually alcohol in my office, haha. :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  4. Love the idea of a coke float part! Such a great way to mix things up!


  5. I love coke floats!

  6. Oh my, that sounds so interesting but I really can´t imagine how it would taste! Maybe I´ll try it just to see what it´s like :D

  7. Vett that is an excellent idea! I love coke and root beer floats. Awesome!

  8. Yum! I'll love to do that with cream soda!


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