April 22, 2013

Eating in ATL {Longhorn Steakhouse}

I've been eating out a lot recently. 

It's the perfect way to catch up with friends during this super busy time of the year (less than two weeks until graduation) because I have to eat, right? So why not do it with friends. And while there are countless Atlanta-based restaurants, sometimes I love eating at well-known traditional chains. 

One of my favorites that happens to have a location in Buckhead...Longhorn Steakhouse! The service and the food are always top notch and so satisfying.

My best friend, Shayla, and I had dinner at Longhorn after a crazy week and it was such a great time. We ordered an appetizer, the Texas Tonion, and it was a great starter.

Shayla ordered the stuffed portobello mushroom chicken with a
sweet potato for her side. I really wanted to try some!
I ordered chicken parmesan and got a side of veggies.
Loved the salads that came with our meals, yum!

Have you ever eaten at Longhorn? <3


  1. Those dishes look so yum!

    Thanks for sharing! Great post!

    Fashion for Beauty

  2. I love it! "I have to eat, right?" Haha my motto exactly.

  3. those pictures makes me crave

  4. Mmm I haven't had breakfast yet and these pictures are making me crave a nice steak from Longhorn! YUM!! :)

  5. omg I can see something yum!<3

  6. Ah man, I haven't eaten at Longhorn in like 15 years... the one we have is always SO busy! But that chicken parmesan and veggies looks exactly like what I would get--you've got good taste, girl!

  7. OMG YUM!
    So hungry now haha

    JordysBeautySpot.com ♥

  8. Oh gosh. All of that food looks so delish!



  9. Lovely pics, the food looks so yummy :)


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