April 26, 2013

Senior Year Update

I keep telling people how graduation is just days away (May 4), but it hasn't really hit me yet.

Georgia Tech football stadium
School and my organizations have been so busy these days that time is moving more quickly than normal. These past few weeks have been full of projects, homework assignments, late nights studying, late meetings, organization events and banquets, and more! 

Student Government banquet
As an extroverted introvert, I don't mind being social...but it takes so much energy. Check out some photos from the past few weeks! So excited to be a Georgia Tech graduate days from now :)

After taking some senior pictures of my roommate, Jade!
Puppies on campus, just because!
Awards banquet 
Georgia Tech football clinic where I met head coach Paul Johnson!
Student Government banquet
Student Government banquet 
So sweet that one of my professor brought in a
cake and drinks for the graduating seniors! :)
How's this month going for you? <3


  1. congratulations! it was surely rewarding for you

  2. Congratulations ;) The polka dot dress is so cute!

  3. this is so exciting! that polka dot dress is the cutest. CONGRATS! I just found your blog and cannot wait to read more. I just followed you! I would love it if you could follow me back. I always comment back! The Preppy Student

  4. That's super exciting that you are graduating so soon! I love the polka dot dress, and can totally relate on liking to be social but it being exhausting on my (introvert) self!
    Happy Friday!
    xo hannah


  5. Congrats on your graduation!! xo

  6. It looks like you're having so much fun getting ready for graduation!! Yay you!!!!

  7. Lovely pics, looks like you´re having fun :)


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