April 28, 2013

Finals Week Preparation

Finals Week is finally here.

It's bittersweet, mainly bitter...because the fact that this coming week is a week full of final examinations also means it's the last week of school and the last finals week of my undergraduate career!

Typically during finals week (or any hectic week), my diet consists of coffee and anything I can put my hands on to snack on. But this week I'm coming more prepared! I went to the grocery store and prepared some meals and snacks for the week :)

Continue reading for some snack and study suggestions!  

Healthy Finals Week Snacks


Finals Week Tips

My favorite finals week studying tips

Keep a water bottle during your finals week!


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  3. good luck on your exsams!

  4. love your snacks.. really healthy!

  5. nice and healthy tips! better imply that to my self

  6. Sweetie I send you loads of positive energy to help you concentrate. Keep breathing and smiling!
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