April 30, 2014

First time being a bridesmaid!

Last week, my childhood best friend, Jasmine, called me and asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding this summer! 

Photo of us in elementary school.
I hope we can remake this photo at her wedding :)
I was honored and so excited that Jasmine asked me because I love her. But I was also really thrilled because this will be my first time being a bridesmaid! My classmates are definitely starting to get engaged (and some even having babies!), but Jasmine is my first close friend to get engaged. I'm very excited for her and her future hubby because they're a beautiful couple.

So today I took a break from final exams craziness and went to the store to try on my bridesmaid dress. I love the dress, especially how it's floor length and has a mesh top. 

The color Jasmine picked for us is called Regency (above), but since the store didn't have it I will have to wait a few weeks to get the actual dress I'll wear at her wedding. I am so ready for all of the festivities and the actual wedding, can't wait to share those special moments with Jasmine and her family!

If you've been a bridesmaid or groomsman in a wedding before, please share any advice you have!


  1. The dress she picked looks beautiful on you!


  2. It's alot of fun; always remember its the bride's day not yours so be willing to be available and help as much as possible. Don't make a big deal of things (for example, if she wants everyone to wear a certain hairstyle, go along with it without causing a fuss), and since she is your best friend, you know her heart.

    Enjoy every bit of it.

  3. That dress looks AMAZING on you! Kudos to your friend for picking a nice/flattering style and I was a bridesmaid once :) xo

  4. Hello from Spain: great dress. I like very much. Great color. Keep in touch

  5. That will be such a beautiful color on you Vett! Congrats to your friend.


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