April 29, 2014

Atlanta Falcons 2014-2015 schedule

I am a huge Atlanta Falcons football fan. Despite the recent heartbreaking seasons, I have loved this team my entire life and I get so excited when the schedule is released for the upcoming season. I'm hoping to attend a few games, but really looking forward to the Pittsburgh game. My boyfriend is a Steelers fan... I hope we can attend that game together (and watch his team lose) haha! See the full schedule below:

Atlanta Falcons 2014-2015 Game Schedule

What is your favorite NFL team?


  1. Hello from Spain: in my country is more important Soccer League. There are two international teams: Real Madrid and Barcelona. Keep in touch

  2. Mine is the Panthers since they're the closest team. I hated how they flopped at the first round at the playoffs last year

  3. So funny! I was actually interested in the NFL schedule this year for a change because my husband is a Bills fan and we are planning a trip to go watch them play this year and to NYC.

  4. I love the Chargers and the Patriots. We also cheer for the Panthers because we have family on staff there :)

  5. Yay! I was a bridesmaid for the first time last year! Congrats.

    And I already liked your blog but you just went up a couple notches! #RISEUP! I'm such a Falcons fan. I love being in Atlanta, and you're right, despite the heartbreak, I still love the team. I still haven't been to a game though :( They tend to be in town when I'm out of town just about all the time!


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