March 19, 2014

In case you missed it...

This week is going by incredibly quickly (probably because it's my Spring Break). But it's been a really fantastic week thus far, and I'm headed to Charleston, SC in a few days! I've been doing some photo sessions, some schoolwork, packing, and planning for 3 special birthdays that are today! 

Happy birthday to my incredible boyfriend, my amazing best friend, and my wonderful big brother - 3 of my favorite guys all born on the same day :)

Here are some of my favorite recent things from the Internet!

47 Stunning Photographs of People from Across the World
I was so mesmerized by these images, especially everyone's eyes!

Confession: I played this for 30 min! It's so addictive. My high score is 4368, see if you can beat that!

This was a big deal yesterday. The last time someone stole the T from our school's notable building was about 13 years ago. They've since added high security measures, yet some student managed to steal the T from one of the sides of the tower. The campus police later recovered the T and the student was apprehended, yikes.

Image via AJC

Seems like lots of you enjoy fun facts as much as I do. You'll love this!

This campaign to empower female leaders has been spreading like wildfire. Most women in leadership have probably been called bossy, just because of their gender. Check out what the campaign is doing to decrease the stigma of women leaders for young girls.


  1. how weird for them to have the same birthday. Quite the coincidence.

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations to all three. Great coincidence. Nice findings internet .. keep in touch

  3. I've just started playing 2048! My high score is about 6500. My friend Mike has gotten over 7000, so it's my mission to beat him!

    How pineapples grow is so neat! I've wondered! (Now that I'm continuing to read the list, I could really "like" almost all of the them. Good find!)

    And happy birthday to your BF, BF, and bro!


  5. Happy Birthday to all the guys... wow, all on the same day :) Have a lovely time celebrating :)

  6. i'm all for facts, so i;ll be checking that out

  7. Those facts blew my mind. I'm too busy playing 2048 to check out the other links :)


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