March 10, 2014

VKV Communications update & Facebook page

I appreciate all of the kind emails and tweets supporting my newest business, VKV Communications LLC! (If you're new to the blog, you can read more about it here.) Here's the update you've been asking for!

First of all, I've redesigned my website (again), just doing some rearranging and designing on different pages, but it's the same concept as the previous design.

February was an incredible month for business, and I've learned so much about myself, my business preferences, interacting with clients, and more about new fields. And March is off to a really great start with more photo session requests every day! I'm very grateful to be living this dream.

I made business cards for my company because my current business card does not have my new website on it. I'm excited to have these with me when I attend all sorts of events with college students and young professionals who are seeking the services I provide.

These are my new business cards

You can order 50 free business cards from Moo here.

And yesterday, I finally had time to create a Facebook page for my company.

 You can view it and "Like" it here.

I'm so happy with how things are going, and that I have more business requests each week (good problem to have). This week, I'm working on setting goals for my small business for the rest of the year. And I'm working hard to complete several projects so that I can truly enjoy my Spring Break next week.

I hope you have a great week!


  1. congrats on all ur business adventures girl! il have to check this out...always nice to have updated business cards on hand :)

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. congrats and good luck, heading over to the site and the facebook page now!

  3. Congrats on the progress and good luck!


  4. Congrats on all you've accomplished Vett! You deserve it!

  5. congratulations doll! i absolutely love your business cards. you're going to do well.

  6. That's amazing that things are taking off for you and so quickly!! How exciting.

  7. You are doing so well Vett, you are driven, that is a great attribute but you know how to make time for some down time which is essential to keep in balance... Have a great week too Vett :)


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