March 15, 2014

Cheap pescatarian meals {part 2}

Today is Day 15 of eating like a pescatarian, and it's still going really well! I even got my mom some food from Chick-fil-A without having a breakdown & craving some chicken. I'm really enjoying this fast of meat, and getting creative in the kitchen. Here are some of my recent meals (including that top photo of some incredible salmon I made).

I reenacted the blueberry balsamic herb crusted salmon I made a while ago, and paired it with a brown rice + veggie pilaf.

I added fresh avocado and lime cream on top of the salmon. The veggie & rice dish includes (brown rice, white mushrooms, carrots, avocado, and fresh spinach).

Words can't explain how delicious this was.

I have fallen in love with black bean burgers, and I love how I can quickly make them at the start of the week and eat them for the next few days. These burgers include (fresh spinach, cilantro, black beans, whole kernel corn, white onions, mushrooms, brown rice, black pepper, and curry). Then, I topped each burger with a slice of tomato and pepper jack cheese.

Really versatile, really delicious, really easy.

I cooked a pot of brown rice to last throughout the week, and for lunch one day I topped it with these fresh veggies (carrots, cucumber, and radishes).

I've started mainly cooking veggie noodle pasta (servings of vegetables in the noodles). I sautéed onions, mushrooms, avocado, black pepper, and lemon juice in a skillet and then added it to these veggie rotini noodles, amazing dinner!

I had this bun less black bean burger with some sweet potato fries for lunch one day, really filling!

On top of brown rice, I added black beans and corn. Then, I added green salsa and carrots and drizzled some honey on top. This was the perfect quick lunch before I headed to class.

I've been super impressed with the meals my boyfriend has been making as he eats like a pescatarian this month as well. These fish tacos with rice, brussels sprouts, and potato wedges look like a really great meal! 

What's your favorite pescatarian or vegetarian meal?


  1. I eat vegetarian so often! I hate handling raw meat. I like making tacos with black beans and spinach lasagna. For pescatarian meals I'd go with tuna noodle casserole. It's a comfort food that my mom used to make while I was growing up and it uses cream of mushroom or celery or chicken soup as the binder so it it can be pescatarian.

  2. that looks so delicious!
    New outfit post hope you can share some insights about it. Thanks!

    keep in touch!


  3. Hey! How do you prepare the burgers? I see the ingredients there, but do you squish it all together and then put it on a grill like a burger? Or it just sticks/stays together without extra steps? They look delicious. I want to try some. :) And we LOVE sweet potato fries in this house, so that's perfect!

    PS While I have a blog myself, I'm not commenting just so you'll visit my blog and comment too, like some people do... *cough cough* ;)

    1. Hey!

      I put all of the ingredients in a bowl - put the beans in first (uncooked and not mashed) and the eggs in last (already beat) then I use a fork to mix it all up and form patty size amounts of the mix in my hand then place it on the tray. The eggs help it stay together :)

      You will love them, thanks for visiting! :)

  4. That salmon looks amaze! This is making me want to do some kind of 30 day eating cleanse in the form of pescatarianism too, I had no idea meals could be so interesting! And congrats on going to Chik-fil-A without suffering a breakdown lol

  5. All of this food looks so amazing and healthy!


  6. Oh wow! That blueberry salmon looks amazing.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my site! Ah, I see you love to cook too! Black bean burgers are amazing. I will have to try your recipe (and everyone other one for that matter!) Let me know if you'd like to e-cook together soon!
    - Jackie

  8. Good for you for trying something new. I've adopted a pescatarian diet for years and it gets easier and easier with time.


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