March 13, 2014

BYOB Painting in ATL {Dip 'n Dab}

In case you haven't noticed, I've become a Groupon groupie and I've let these deals guide my activities in ATL. So my most recent ATL adventure was going to Dip 'n Dab, a nearby BYOB painting studio! And it was such a fun date night! We got there early, so we got great seats and got to watch everyone else come in. 

It's a really fun, relaxing, and colorful environment that you're sure to enjoy. Although I went as an interactive date night, other people were there in groups for a girls' night, with family members, or with another friend. And, you're encouraged to bring your own beverages and snacks, it really is a painting party :)

So we first got to see what we'd be painting (see above). Our instructor was really friendly and pleasant throughout the entire time, encouraging a positive environment.

The instructor gave us step by step directions (so don't worry about a lack of painting skills), everyone can do it! 

After we had our background painted, my boyfriend and I kind of did our own thing, hehe.

Luckily they provide aprons and a good amount of space for food/drink, because things can get messy.

 My bathroom decor is yellow, so I wanted my painting to match and be my newest bathroom decoration. For the most part, everyone in the class ended up with similar final paintings. 

The two-hour class went by so quickly, and I really want to go back and paint something else. This is a fun and therapeutic activity, perfect for adults of all ages. And, it's more interesting than just going out to dinner!

Check out our final paintings :) 
If you see a class you're interested in taking, register quickly because they fill up fast!

Have you ever been to one of these BYOB painting places?


  1. What a fun and different date night idea! Both of your paintings turned out so beautiful! You guys are so talented!

  2. i've never tried those before, but everyone who has loves them!

  3. I was never very good at art. Or Music

  4. I love these BYOB art studios!

    I've gone on three different occasions and have enjoyed it each time! Your artwork looks really good!!

  5. This is always such a fun way to spend time with friends. Love how your painting turned out!

  6. I've never been and it looks really fun! I'm going to have to see what activities Groupon offers in my area. :-)


  7. Vett, your painting is awesome girl! It's so beautiful! It's going to look great in your place.

  8. OMG how're so talented! Thanks for sharing Vett!


  9. There is a place in Nashville called Sips n' Strokes that is similar to Dip n Dab and it is so much fun!


  10. I've heard of this, had no idea it could be such a fun time! Your painting looks dope! Love!


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