March 31, 2014

Boston recommendations?

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It seems like I was just packing for Charleston, but here I am writing a packing list for my upcoming trip to Boston! I'm visiting a friend from college who I haven't seen in a year or so and I am beyond excited. The last time I went to the Boston area was to visit colleges…so it's been a while.

If you've been to Boston or if you're a Bostonian, please share some places I should visit, things I should do, and where to eat during my weekend stay!

P.S. This is another busy week, several group projects due and work projects going on - plus packing!


  1. I absolutely loved visiting Boston. One place that I fell in love with was called Finale Desserts. We went two nights in a row & still rave about the delicious desserts we had when we were up there. I also had the best Italian food ever, I just can't remember the name of the place :( I just remember the neighborhood looked so authentic like we were actually in Italy. I hope you enjoy your trip! I shopped so much while I was there as well..........

  2. Hello from Spain: Boston is a great city. I see this city in many TV series in my country. Interesting proposals. Keep in touch

  3. I always wanted to visit Boston

  4. I've never been :( Have a great time.

  5. Oh my gosh! This is crazy. I'm planning a trip to Boston for October so hey, let me know what you come up with :D and HAVE FUN!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  6. Hey! like I tweeted to you, definitely check out the following:

    Mikes Pastry (North End)
    The Pour House (Boylston Street)
    Sweet Cheeks (Also Boylston Street)
    Crispy Crepes (On Beacon?)
    EVERY single place on Peterborough Restaurant Strip (El Pelon is a MUST, as well as Rod Dee, Swish Shabu, and the new Gyro!)
    Bao Bao Bakery in Chinatown as well as New Dong Kang and Hei La Moon

    haha sorry this is all food! But seriously, some places to consider! DON'T chain while you're here, there's wayyyy too much good stuff!


  7. There's lots of shopping on Newbury St. and you can walk thru the Public Garden and the Boston Commons. There's lots of history stuff that you can check out too.


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