February 23, 2015

Recent healthy meals

It's been a while since I've shared my healthy meals, so here goes! The meal above was what I made from leftovers at a restaurant. I used blackened tilapia + raw spinach + raw carrot strips + creamed spinach to make very delicious tacos!

My roommate made eggplant parmesan using even more vegetables than normal (my favorite vegetarian dish!).

Similar to kale chips, I made spinach/kale/carrots chips in a blended dish, so yummy!

I'm back to having fruit smoothies on a regular basis for my breakfast, and this is a classic combo. I used a banana and handful of strawberries + a few ice cubes + a teaspoon of protein powder.

The results of my smoothie! It was sweet, tasty, and filling.

One night I made sushi using the tools I got from the sushi making class I went to a few weeks ago! I put avocado and carrots inside my sushi.

I think it turned out really well because it tasted like the sushi I order in restaurants. However, I struggled with cutting the sushi because I didn't have any knives sharp enough for the job.

My dad made this delicious, healthy meal - cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, mustard salmon, and a baked sweet potato. So clean, so good!!

My roommate made these sweet potato burgers using this recipe, and they were such a healthy treat!

She made the sweet potatoes even tastier by topping them with her infamous apple slaw and chipotle sauce, yum!

Kale chips have become my favorite late night snack since I gave up chocolate chip cookies for Lent.

I baked this piece of salmon with some mushrooms and olive oil. I seasoned the salmon with black pepper, oregano, parsley, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, and stuffed the salmon with green salsa for a kick!

This is one of my proudest cooking accomplishments to date. I am such a fan of Chipotle, and even since I've stopped eating meat I still visit often and order the vegetable burrito bowl. I have been craving this meal for weeks, but the weather in Atlanta has been too freezing to make the trip to my closest Chipotle. So I've slowly been stocking up on materials I knew I would need to recreate this dish. And last week I did it!

For my bowl I made corn and black bean salsa with kale, my own guacamole, onions and peppers, green salsa, tomatoes and of course I had to top it with cheese! Underneath all of that is brown rice with cilantro, yum!

How is healthy eating going for you?


  1. u always inspire me to eat healthy and keep fit
    Keep in touch

  2. This all looks so good! Healthy can be yummy!


  3. All this food looks so good! It'a making me hungry! I just started eating vegan and I'm definitely going to incorporate some vegan versions of these meals into my routine!


  4. I normally use plain greek yogurt in my smoothies but I definitely want to try substituting protein powder.

  5. They all look so yummy!! Thanks for sharing :D

  6. I love eggplant parm! I picked up Trader Joe's version over the weekend and haven't tried it yet, but seeing as how my house has to be "show ready" I guess it's a good option to messing up my kitchen? Have you ever tried making "ice cube tray" sushi? I did a post on it forevvvver ago but you just push your spicy tuna and sticky rice firmly into an ice cube tray and then flip it over and shake out your sushi "pieces". A tad messy, but zero rolling and slicing is required ;)

    1. I need to try that!! and I will look for your sushi post, sounds awesome & helpful!! :)

  7. Yum yum yum yum YUM! Everything looks so yum!!!

    I've never had eggplant before. I'm not even sure it's available here because I never hear anyone talk about it. My go to is definitely fruit/veggie smoothies, tuna patties and roasted carrots.

    XO |EESH

  8. These look absolutely delicious! Forever wishing I had your culinary skills :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass


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