February 08, 2015

Recent natural no-heat hair styles

I'm not sure if I announced it here, but I set a goal to not straighten my hair until December of this year (when I will finish my master's degree). After doing the #NoHeatDecember challenge and going a few months at a time without using heat on my hair in 2014, I think that this year's challenge will be very doable. The toughest part for me was finding styles that don't take too long and that I still like wearing. I've been trying new styles each week and I'm really enjoying the ease and benefits of not flat ironing or blow drying my hair. Here are some recent styles:

For my birthday dinner I twisted medium size strands of wet hair and then used flexi rods to roll it.

Flexi rod set

Halo twist on old hair

Halo twist on old hair

Mini twists! This took wayyyy too long, but lasted for a while and was a great protective style for my hair.

How my hair normally looks 5-6 days after washing & styling it. I've been trying to stretch each style to last a week before I have to wash it again. I'll try and share other styles I try throughout the year!


  1. Vett, I think you are doing great with the cute hair styles that you don't have to use heat. Your curls look lovely xox

  2. love seeing your variety of your hair styles!

  3. Au natural on you is adorable. Whoever cuts your hair knows what they're doing because it's so perfect!

  4. I love the halo twist!


  5. You always have the coolest hairstyles Vett, I love how you're not afraid to take risks.

  6. Your birthday hair was really nice!

    I loved my halo twist but I'm not sure I want to try flexi rods just yet. Maybe when my hair my hair grows out a bit more. You should give finger coils a go. I loved my outcome but they can be time consuming.

    XO |EESH


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