February 20, 2015


Yesterday my blog reached and passed ONE MILLION VIEWS! This was the goal that I set for page views when I first started blogging back in 2012, and this was one of my goals to accomplish in year 24. I'm almost positive that nobody read my blog posts for the first few months besides my family (especially my dad) and friends who I begged to read it. But I kept posting and kept sharing my blog with others. I believed in the information I was sharing and hoped that somehow it would help college students, people trying to live healthier, or people looking for inspiration. That is why I started blogging

I put a page view tracker on the bottom of my blog a few months ago, and I've been checking it periodically. This is what it said when I checked it last night:

So exciting, and I am so grateful to every single person who has read my blog once, occasionally, weekly, or every day. Thank you so much!

Things are definitely getting busy in my life with school, my company, making plans for life after grad school, and working on other things I want to accomplish in 2015. So blog posts will happen less often on here, but I will definitely post when I have something good to share.

Again thank you so much, and to the bloggers out there with a similar goal, I know you can do it too! Keep posting, keep interacting with other bloggers, and remember why you started! :)



  1. Way to go Vett! That is a big milestone!


  2. Congrats on all your success Vett, you have such a great blog and I love seeing what you come up with this week.

  3. So amazing, Vett! A big congrats to you, friend :)

  4. a big congrats :)
    Happy Weekend

  5. wow, that's a lot of views!
    congrats on achieving your goal and here's to many more views!


  6. Congratulations on hitting over a million views... that is really exciting to know the you have had so many people read your blog Vett...

    I'm almost at a quarter of a million and I never thought that would happen but now I know anything is possible... xox

  7. Congrats on this HUGE milestone mama! I see you boo!


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