February 01, 2015

February fitness challenge {daily yoga poses}

I pinned this awesome yoga poses chart via Yoga Journal a few months ago, but I have yet to put it to use. One of my goals for this year is to attend more yoga classes and practice more often. In January I went to the two hot yoga classes I signed up for - 8 more to accomplish the goal I set. This poster has 26 fantastic yoga poses that are pretty simple so I've decided in addition to my regular exercise, I will start every morning in the month of February with one of these yoga poses. Once I get to the end of the list, I'll repeat them until the month ends.

Morning meditation is something I've been trying to incorporate back into my schedule and I think this is a great strategy.

If you decide to join in this challenge let me know!


  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    Always wanted to try yoga but was afraid of the difficult poses. I like that these are basic poses. I think I'm gonna try them as well.

    XO |EESH

  2. i mum does most of the yoga poses everyday and i have made it my resolution to get back to working out this year
    Keep in touch

  3. I really should get into yoga because I hear such good things about it and I actually think I would enjoy it. This looks like an easy thing to practice.

  4. I am up for this challenge!


  5. I'll join your challenge, I'm trying to get to my morning mediation as well. This will be a great addition. :)


  6. I have never done yoga poses but I have been wanting to try it... as well meditating is something I need in my life. I will try to do this a couple of times per week Vett... I will let you know know how I do :)

  7. Within a week of following this yoga video regularly, I had definitely improved my workout, and I was back to enjoying my workouts.


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