January 28, 2015

My new favorite fruit smoothie {clean eating}

I wanted to share my new favorite fruit blend! I've done something similar using strawberries, spinach, and bananas. But this was my first time switching out spinach for kale, and I LOVED the results! I'm hoping to make fruit blends for breakfast at least twice a week. Normally, I have coffee, a bottle of water, and some piece of fruit.

I used one banana, a handful of kale, and a handful of strawberries. I rinsed the strawberries and kale before using them.

I included a few ice cubes for moisture and to make the drink cold.

The final result is a forest green color with some specks of red from the strawberries. It's the perfect blend of flavors and sweetness. I could drink this blend every single day. It also didn't leave my teeth stained like some fruit mixes (with blueberries, spinach, blackberries, etc.) often do. This also kept me full until lunchtime.

And I've also used the kale in other ways this week. 

I sautéed the kale in a little olive oil with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, black pepper, and curry powder. 

I aso blended arugula and kale for this yummy salad. The salad was dressed in vinaigrette dressing and included cheddar cheese, tomatoes, strawberries, mushrooms, and a veggie burger!

What's your favorite fruit/veggie smoothie? I'm always looking for new recipes to try!


  1. Errrmmagawwd! It's my favorite too! Well the blend with spinach instead is also a fav but I love Kale. I use it for almost everything but mostly in smoothies.

    XO |EESH

  2. omg dear...so good...
    i'm hungry now

  3. This exactly is my all time favorite smoothie combo. Recently i have been using kale not spinach. And sometimes, I add some blue berries.

  4. i think i'm the only person who hasn't purchased kale. i'm pretty sure i've encountered it somewhere, but haven't taken the plunge!

  5. Trying this ASAP! It looks so good!


  6. I love kale in that you hide any bitterness by throwing it into a smoothie or juice with just the right balance of fruit. This looks great!

  7. I used to really love my juices and blends and have fallen off so bad. Loving how versatile Kale is juice and dinner! Very inspiring post to whip myself back in shape.


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