January 20, 2015

Healthy grocery shopping list examples

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a list prepared before going to the grocery store. I went grocery shopping yesterday and having my list of healthy food items decreased the temptation to grab unhealthy items. It also kept me from going over my budget. I get emails about grocery lists all the time, and I usually send people links to the three lists below (3 of my favorite guides). But I've finally made my own list, with affordable items that I typically purchase when I do my grocery shopping. When I shop, it normally last me a few weeks and allows me to make multiple creative, healthy meals.

Yesterday, I made this delicious kale + arugula salad (with tomatoes, avocado, strawberries, and lemon juice) and tilapia. So good!

Three other lists that I love!


  1. I've never actually had Hummus before but a friend said that she'll show me how to make it so I'm excited about that! Another thing, I cooked brown rice for the first time on Sunday and it was BOMB! That's so going to be in the pantry when I get home. LOVED IT!

    XO |EESH

  2. I agree Vett that making lists and keeping within a budget is imperative to following a healthy regiment... I live week to week when shopping due to having my daughter but this is helpful for me as I buy a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables... like you, I want it to be easy to open the fridge and grab something healthy, it's working.

    I love hummus and I eat wild rice all the time... healthy food actually tastes extremely yummy... Keep working at it, you look great xox

  3. I always make a grocery list each week, it helps prevent me from being tempted and buying things I don't need!

  4. I love grocery lists because it gives a range of variety each week. Loving these lists too, definitely picked off a few items from these lists.

  5. I love looking at pre-made lists like these. We're terrible at looking fresh veggies go to waste so I try to stock up on them (brussels sprouts, broccoli florets, spinach) when they're on sale!

    1. I understand! I typically freeze things that are about to go bad!

  6. Great ideas! I went vegan almost two years ago out of health and ethical reasons and, as such, I have a whole poop ton of veggies on my grocery list. XD I've definitely found that making a list beforehand helps you stick to your budget -- the hubby and I have found that making our meal plan ahead of time and building our grocery list on top of that saves us even more money; sometimes we even spend less than 60 dollars a week! It's awesome, you know, cause that means more money for starbucks. :P



    1. that is so awesome! I always appreciate having good, fresh veggies at home & it usually eats to me eating clean!! you are so right :)

  7. I need to follow a healthy shopping list a little better - I always seem to deviate...



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