February 14, 2015

Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta {review}

The Center for Civil and Human Rights is located in Atlanta and opened to the public in June of 2014. However, I had not had the chance to visit this well-revewed museum until last month. My school purchased tickets for students to visit during the month of January and I went with my boyfriend and friend. It's difficult to share everything that is so great about this place because every exhibit I saw really blew my mind. We spent about two hours touring the center, but honestly that wasn't enough time. I plan to go back and view the exhibits that I didn't have time to see. Student and educator tickets are just $13!

My absolute favorite exhibit in the Center was sitting at the lunch counter (above). Once you sit down, you are challenged to put on headphones and listen to the hateful insults and experience the creepily realistic verbal abuse that many black people who participated in sit-ins experienced during the Civil Rights Movement. The true challenge is to stay calm, seated, and keep your hands placed on the counter throughout the entire experience. 

Many objects inside the museum are interactive, yet stay true to the time period.

I love the location of the Center because it's nearby other popular Atlanta tourist attractions and has a great view of our city.

This room (above) that shares information about the March on Washington was one of my favorites. If you've been to Washington D.C. and seen the new Martin Luther King Jr. monument, you can see the similarities. The room in the Center has a very large, wide screen that plays scenes from the March on Washington and the program that took place in D.C. Sitting in that room, I felt like I had gone back in time and was experiencing this historic event. They have tissues available in this room and others because the experience is that powerful and emotional for many.

Even the floors in the building display information and visuals about Civil and Human Rights!

This center is truly a gem in our city, and something that everyone should experience. It is the best museum I have ever visited, and I've been to many!


  1. That looks like a really cool exhibit! I love it when they are interactive!


  2. Very interesting interactive exhibit. To think our ancestors endured that is something that should never be forgotten.

  3. this place is so interesting..thanks for sharing

  4. this place looks epic, did u manage to keep the headphone onn and maintain your calm , i wouldent have managed it for sure
    keep in touch


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