February 08, 2014

Graduate research assistantship advantages

With 2 student leaders at the Georgia State Capitol
This past week…well this past month have been extremely fast-paced because I started my new job/graduate research assistantship. Most grad students apply for graduate research assistantships because they typically cover your tuition and provide a stipend - it's a GREAT deal.

Other advantages of graduate research assistantships (GRA's) are
incredible work experience in your area of interest
networking opportunities with professionals in your field
financial assistance for grad school
a mentor(s) in your field
meeting other grad students seeking similar positions
research opportunities
an opportunity to see what aspects you like and don't like about your field

My position is with the state government in the education department, and I love love love it! For the past month I've been planning a conference for about 40 college student leaders in our state and the conference was this past Thursday and Friday. The job includes way more than event planning, but I really enjoyed the event planning aspect. I learned so much more about budgeting, invoices, planning ahead, predicting how people will respond, and interacting with other government agencies and corporations.

And I completely understand why people want to be event planners - it's such a rewarding job because you see weeks (or months) of planning and work come together in such a special way. And it's even better when people truly enjoy the event you've planned.

I often have to remind myself: I'm not a full time blogger, so posts aren't always an everyday thing as much as I wish they could be an everyday thing :)

P.S. I took some photos of a few students and added them here.


  1. Congrats on your new endeavor! It sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on right now!


  2. I understand how rewarding that can be... I used to organize activities for upwards of 100 people and I loved it, it was stressful but so much fun seeing the turnout :)

  3. great post;d


  4. cool that you're back at the state house

  5. I definitely think doing a graduate assistantship is a good idea, I did one in grad school and it was a great thing to put on a resume and it gave me plenty of good experience!

  6. Wow, great way to get through grad school!

  7. Congratulations on a successful event! It is definitely one of the most rewarding feelings.

    XX, SS || seersuckersass.blogspot.com


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