February 20, 2014

Meals by my roommate {buffalo chicken enchiladas}

Oh. Yes. Those are indeed buffalo chicken enchiladas.

This week has been my busiest week in 2014, mainly because of a combination of school assignments due and going back to work after missing days during the Snowpocalypse. But I'm almost to the weekend and I can feel myself winding down. I haven't had much time to cook this week, but my roommate had a clever idea to try making buffalo chicken enchiladas. I'm not sure what inspired her to cook these, and I don't really carebecause they were amazing!

I'm sharing the recipe below, enjoy!

Mixing the chicken once it's boiled
Before cooking in the oven
Before cooking in the oven
After! Yum!


 boneless chicken breast
whole wheat taco or tortilla wraps (should make 8 wraps)
Monterey cheese
2-3 green onions aka scallions
1/2 cup buffalo wing sauce (add more to desired spice level)
28oz red enchilada sauce (*important: make sure to get the enchilada sauce that contains tomato paste*)
gorgonzola cheese (optional)
ranch (optional)


1. Cut chicken breast in half
2. Boil chicken breast for 45 minutes
3. Hand shred boiled pieces or use fork utensil
4. Mix enchilada and buffalo wing sauce in a bowl
5. Mix chicken, shredded cheese, and chopped green onions together
6. Add half of enchilada + buffalo sauce mixture
7. In a large baking dish, coat with cooking spray or olive oil
8. Drizzle enchilada/buffalo sauce in large baking dish
9. Preheat oven to 375
10. Scoop chicken mixture into tortillas
11. Roll tortillas and place them in baking dish (folded side down)
12. Drizzle more buffalo sauce on top
13. Sprinkle Monterey jack cheese on the top
14. Chop celery and sprinkle on top
15. Bake 20 minutes
16. Remove from oven and add gorgonzola cheese
17. Ranch can be used as a cooling dipping sauce (optional)

Enchiladas are my absolute go-to dish when I eat Mexican out, so I'm excited to try this recipe myself. What kind of enchiladas do you like?


  1. i make enchiladas all the time but i LOVE how u added gorgonzola...il have to try that! u always making me super hungry in the mornings girl :)

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. dying right now..... this is amazing! Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Mmm this sounds so good! Fun twist on traditional enchiladas!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. This looks amazing! Your roomie is truly a chef!

  5. Hello from Spain: very tasty. Great. Keep in touch

  6. OMG stop it. I would eat the whole pan and make my husband have cereal for dinner.

  7. I've made a recipe like this before and it's delicious!

  8. I've never had enchiladas before but these look pretty amazing, I cannot lie. And the spice will probably make it punch with flavor and I'm hungry so that could maybe explain my drool as well lol :)


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