February 04, 2014

28 Days of Pilates {I'm doing it!}

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw that a blogger, Shelby, was participating in something called #28DaysofPilates. I've always been a little apprehensive about Pilates because it just sounds challenging, am I right? Yet this challenge seemed like a great way to stay active during this month.

 Robin Long of The Balanced Life  is doing 28 Days of Pilates on her blog and sharing short Pilates workout videos (for free) every day this month! Such a sweet deal, and comforting for people like me who aren't great at Pilates and don't want to be embarrassed at a fitness class.

 I started a little bit late, but now I'm all caught up after doing the first 3 workouts last night. My roommate agreed to do the workouts with me, and I really appreciated having her there. The workouts are short, but challenging. I'm already feeling the burn. I haven't had a super consistent workout routine in place for 2014, so this came right on time. I love having structured and diverse workouts, and this will be perfect!

If you decide to join, let Robin know by including #28DaysofPilates in your Instagram or Twitter post!

Thank you for doing this, Robin! I'm looking forward to the rest of the month!!

Catch up by doing the following workouts first or start with today's workout.

After our workout, Alexandria and I snacked on this yummy fruit blend of 3 bananas and a handful of blueberries. It was the perfect post-workout sweet (clean) treat! (This is my favorite, and the easiest fruit blend - I usually add a few ice cubes too)

The final product, yum!

Have you ever tried Pilates? If so, what'd you think?


  1. I haven't tried Pilates yet, I am not able to hold a position that has anything to do with my knees... once they are better (getting there) then I will be able to start something like this... I hear it is a fabulous workout Vett :)

  2. This sounds great, thanks for sharing!!

  3. Kinda funny, first time I heard the word pilates many years ago I thought it was food

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so glad you and your rookie have joined the challenge. Keep us updated on how it goes! :)

  5. I have been thing of starting one if these challenges for long, wool read on on this challenge
    Keep in touch

  6. I'm so glad you're doing it too! I'm so sore from the first few days!

  7. I tried Pilates once and it was sooooo hard. It was a class which I also didn't love. I love that smoothie though! I got a nutri bullet for my birthday and I've been having breakfast smoothies. I might have to try this one :)

  8. Nunca he hecho Pilates, creo que tendré que probarlo! Vaya pinta tiene ese batido, seguro que está buenísimo!!!!!

  9. I've heard good things about pilates but never tried it! Good luck!

  10. I haven't tried Pilates but have wanted to. I'm looking forward to hearing your updates on this.

    And that shake looks amazing!

  11. Pilates is such a great workout, I love it!


  12. You go girl!

    xx, chelsea


  13. pilates is such a great work out! I need to try to get back into it.
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  14. this looks awesome! might have to give it a go haha!



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