February 16, 2014

Little pink dress {part 1}

Planning outfits for Valentine's Day + redesigning my company's site has gotten me dangerously obsessed with the color pink. I used to steer clear of all pink items because they seemed overly feminine, but lately I've been embracing and loving this color.

I have a few pink dresses, but this one is my favorite #LPD (little pink dress). It can be styled several ways and is so comfortable, yet classic looking. 

Also, I borrowed this head scarf from my niece and I really like it! 

Since a little black dress is necessary in every wardrobe, why shouldn't the same rule apply to a little pink dress? Consider this my push for the LPD movement!



  1. I've been really obsessed with pink lately too... I'm all for the movement!

  2. you're so gorgeous! pure beauty! ♥

  3. Pink is your color!

    XX, SS || seersuckersass.blogspot.com

  4. I love the little pink dress, there are so many shades of pink that people can choose from... I am all about femininity:) You look amazing Vett ;)

  5. A little pink dress is a necessity! I used to steer away from pink too because it felt too feminine but it's just such a happy seeming color that I no longer avoid it. Plus, since I have short hair I feel like I need to femme things up to counter my haircut.

  6. I love that dress on you Vett! Great outfit plus I love pink!


  7. I love the dress! You look so pretty!!!

  8. I used to stay away from pink because I was so much of a tomboy. Even after getting out of that phase, my wardrobe consisted of black and reds until about three years ago when I fell in love with the color pink. Oh and leopard print as well. Pink and leopard gets me every time.

    I adore your dress and your headscarf is quite possibly the best accessory. Your flats are cute too!

    Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  9. So pretty!! Love your shoes as well :)


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