September 21, 2012

Contributing Blogger {life lessons}

4 months and 12 days have elapsed since I decided to join the “Real World."

I can safely say that I was not fully prepared for it…But honestly there are some lessons not learned until the die is cast and the mistakes are done.

One of these lessons is not so intuitive. Productivity is golden in the realm of business. Not only is achieving a high level of productivity vital but maintaining it as well. To keep productivity up, you've got to find a rhythm in your daily activities less you become idle. What I mean by this is the following: Structure your work activities, but more so, schedule said activities so you maximize your most productive hours of the day.

Example: I am a morning person (…well now anyways) and I get a large portion of my work done at the do-it-yourself pest control company I work for before the 2pm mark every day. Once 2pm rolls around, I noticeably get slower in my working pace. I am aware of this and have compensated accordingly by front loading my workload for the first half of the day. Afterwards, I spend the remaining time in my work day as a buffer to finish up the last loose ends or plan for the next day.  

Now this was not meant to scare you kids, on the contrary, I’m writing this as a testament that it can be done by anyone. Just take a look at your parents, they have mostly likely gone through the same motions and look how they turned out…

by: Luis Alberto Simauchi Jr.
Inbound Marketing Specialist at


  1. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I am happy to follow you

  2. Thanks for these helpful tips about entering the "real world". I'm about to start my senior year in college (ahhh) so that journey is not too far away for me!


  3. nice advice i tried to be a morning person but only lasted 3 days :(


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