September 07, 2012

ATL college students {gotta vote}

Now that both the RNC & DNC are over, politics are about to get real. Regardless of your political beliefs, take the time to be an informed voter and also make sure you are registered to vote! I registered just days after turning 18 and I'm so excited and grateful to vote in my first presidential election in November.

GottaVote is one of many websites that will help college students register to vote and explain more about the process.

Long Distance Voter is a great resource for out of state students who need an Absentee Ballot.

Make your voice heard <3!

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney


  1. I agree! Such an important election for people to register and get out there and vote!


  2. I'm excited to vote for the first time too this year!!!
    to be perfectly honest, I am just so excited to stop seeing all the posts about it on facebook once this is all done...haha
    you have a great weekend ;)

    1. haha agreed, hopefully people will take their rights seriously -- thanks for commenting! <3

  3. Wow I'm all the way over in Australia and am excited about your election too! If only politics where half as enthralling on this side of the world!

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    1. how fabulous -- and so jealous you're in australia! that is next on my to see list! will do! <3


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