September 24, 2012

Game day in ATL {georgia tech}

One of my favorite Georgia Tech traditions is going to football games. I love the game day atmosphere and the energy of all of the students & fans. And of course...I love seeing all of the game day outfits. Lots of big schools in the south dress up for game days, which is great. At Tech, it's a mix of people who really dress fancy, people who casually put old gold and white together and people who wear t-shirts and jeans. We definitely have our own game day style, and I love it.

Before the game, I took some photos of friends who looked super cute -- see below! <3

Left: Love Akriti's polka dot dress and shoes!
Right: Love Elle's gold skirt and navy combo!

Left: Love Lauren's white one-shoulder dress & boots!
Middle: Love Leigh's gold belt & boots!
Right: Love Cassie's gold shorts and shoes!

Left: Love Merry Hunter & Palmer's dresses with gold belts!
Right: Love Tamiko, Toyin, & Norquata's casual tops with light pants!

It was so much fun taking pictures of the different outfits, hopefully I can do it again at our next home game! <3


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  2. great pictures you all look amazing!

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  4. Really great pictures. You all look like you were having a great time! :)

  5. Great outfits, looks like tons of fun!

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  6. Love these photos! <3

  7. Hi dear, thanks for your lovely comment! :)
    Yes, I follow you, now! ♥

  8. Ahhh I love game days too! Football season is so full of energy and school spirit. Always the perfect start to the school year. It's cute that you guys use it as an opportunity to dress up too! At my school, we just wear jeans/shorts and some form of red (be it a red shirt or red paint lol). Our band is notorious for dressing very crazy though. It's always very entertaining haha


    1. sounds so cool -- i loveeee game days! such a fun atmosphere for everyone!! <3

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    1. oh you girls look really great, me too i really enjoy a good game;) of course i would love to follow each other so i´m your newest reader darling!


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