May 24, 2014

1 month of no heat {natural hair styles}

Let's try this again. You may remember me working on going 6 months without putting heat on my hair…but then I got bored of my hair color and did this:

I also lowered that time back down to 3 months (way more realistic, and it was my original goal). So, now it's been a month since I got my hair colored/straightened, and here are some styles I've been rocking:

Front twist & foam roller set
Roller set on dry hair
High bun
Stretched wash and go
Braid out with rollers on the ends

I'm excited for these new two months of no heat so that my hair can grow and get healthier and so that I can cross another item off my 23 to-do's in year 23!


  1. Love this, I might try to go a month without heat this summer!


  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on leaving your natural hair grow. I really like your hair curl. Keep in touch.

  3. I remember you doing no heat for a month or so in past too..
    Must say your hair with new color look fab .
    You are rocking your natural hair , I think you just for for second last style the most, it suit you a lot
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  4. Your hair is so pretty! I love it each way.

  5. You have great hair, I love all the fun accessories you use (the flower is so pretty!).

  6. You can do it Vett... your hair is lovely and it is always good to give it a break... I rarely use heat... once or twice a week is about it, just to blow dry, sometime snot even that often.. I like your natural curl :)

  7. Nice pics. It looks like you are having fun with your styles. Love the high bun.

  8. Good luck! I need to try some no heat styles, especially with this summer humidity on the way. No point in straightening! :)

  9. Your hair is beautiful!


  10. Congrats on another month of noheat chica! You can totally do this!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  11. Gorgeous styles! It's great that you are taking the time to take care of and grow healthy hair!

  12. Your hair looks really pretty.


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