May 27, 2014

Veggie Fried Brown Rice

I'm approaching the three-month mark of eating like a Pescatarian. How long does one have to go before being able to call themselves a Pescatarian?? I've been around chicken and other meats at parties and cookouts and I just haven't had a desire to go back to eating red meats. This new lifestyle has inspired some creative meals, and has actually decreased the amount I spend at the grocery store.

I've been craving fried rice, so I decided to make my own veggie version and used brown rice to make it a healthy recipe. This Veggie Fried Brown Rice was so great and so simple. And the best part…the ingredients for this meal (4-6 servings) was under $5!

Brown Rice (1 bag)
Olive Oil (dime-sized amount)
Frozen Mixed Veggies (1 bag)
Fresh Cilantro
Eggs (2)
Black Pepper
Red Pepper
Lemon or lemon juice (2 teaspoons)
Brown sugar (1 teaspoon)


1.  Heat skillet and add olive oil

2. Beat eggs in separate bowl, then add to skillet and fry. Then cut up egg into small pieces using a spoon. (Fun fact: I typically hate eggs, but love them in fried rice).

3. Add in pre-cooked brown rice.

4. Add in frozen vegetables. Then add chopped fresh parsley.

5. Sprinkle on black pepper, red pepper, brown sugar, and add lemon juice.

6. Stir around as desired.


I think this would also taste great with some soy sauce or yum yum sauce! But I didn't add any sauce to keep this a healthy meal.


  1. Hello from Spain: rice is tasty. I do not eat meat ever. . Keep in touch

  2. Hey Girl that look yum, I am very much of a meat eater lol but that looks like something I would try that for the recipe!

  3. This looks amazing! Got me over here hungry lol!

  4. I love fried rice but have never made it at home because I did not know how, thanks for the recipe Vett!

  5. I never thought about a meatless fried rice option... Hmmm....

  6. Now this us the recipe I was looking for , I am a vegetarian and live brown rice, my mum makes veg pulow with brown rice in a different way
    Will surely try your recipient, mini the eggs..
    Would love if you drop by and follow my new blog

  7. This looks sooo good. My boyfriend loves fried rice, I'll have to try this healthy version :)

    Karen A.


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