August 21, 2012

Forever I love my agenda {lilly p}

My new planner!
School has started. Which means back to getting lots of emails every day and having countless things to do. I do love being busy, but it's a lot to handle at times. Thank goodness for my agenda

I've used a planner since 6th grade and the only thing that's changed is my handwriting :) I write down everything I need to do and every event/meeting I need to go to so that I don't forget. If I don't write it down, it probably won't happen. I know a lot of people use Google Calendars or iCal, but I don't trust technology with my plans (life) and still use the old fashion method of pen and paper.

Once I complete the task, I highlight it -- it provides a sense of accomplishment and motivates me to finish what I need to!

As a back to school present to myself, I got a brand new Lilly Pulitzer planner yesterday! I first learned of these from Sheila, another super organized student. It's the best planner I've had and I love this year's choices. They even have a lighter, soft back version (which is what I bought).

How do you stay organized?


  1. OMG, this is so adorable and definitely gave me flashbacks of being in college using an organizer. Now i mostly just write it on a calender in my cube at the office. Definitely not as cute as your's hehe..

    Nice post, I really like your blog. Just 'liked' you on Facebook


  2. oh my goodness, this is so adorable. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I've got some exciting news regarding Giuliana Rancic. Eek! xo

  3. That is SUCH a cute planner! Love it!

    xo, Emily

  4. Mine just arrived in the mail! I love it

  5. Cutest planner ever!!!!!!! And I love your highlighting : )


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